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Adam 12

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May 23, 2017 at 6:27 PM
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    Edwards AFB, California
    Started at 14 as an explorer with Santa Monica,CA police department moved over to Los Angeles County Sheriffs department than made my final move to Los Angeles County office of Public Safety Police where I became a full time sworn officer. LA OPS Police merged with LA County sheriffs department (more like TAKEN OVER by them because we had cooler toys)

    I'd grown weary of societies overly litigious outlook on everything around them including their own police force not to mention the younger generation which all seem to be amateur lawyers who not only ignore the directions of emergency personnel but they shove a camera in your face while being noncompliant ( got to get that next YouTube hit)

    So I became a class A commercial truck driver (a lot of former & retired cops do as well. Guess it's the freedom and being out side). I still volunteer with local law enforcement as a search and rescue K-9 handler my dog is cross trained in area search and cadaver recovery.

    However I do still buy sell trade furbish and program light bars radios and sirens on the side.
    Interior lights steady burn red flashing blue and alternating amber blue. Motorola Radios I program