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    Hi guys,

    I have two CJ284s to sell. This one is not as nice as the first one, mainly because it doesn't have a dome or the mounting gasket for the roof. All of the GE bulbs work as does the motor- it throws some light! There is a speaker in the base of the beacon; unsure if it works. IT is FedSig branded as you can see in the pictures. The skirt has some scuffs and the name tag has a blemish across the front. Overall I'd give it an 8/10. It's definitely not perfect but would be a nice addition to any collection or, even better, mounted to the roof of an antique fire truck!

    The price does not include shipping but is negotiable. Shipping will be FedEx priority with packing to secure the dome, skirt, etc.

    Check out my other listing for the beacon withhe dome. We can do a package deal if you want both. Please reply with a PM as I don't check the forums often.

    IMG_0774[1].JPG IMG_0776[1].JPG IMG_0775[1].JPG IMG_0746[1].JPG IMG_0747[1].JPG IMG_0749[1].JPG

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