Wanted Unity Spotlight and Windows Bars for CVPI

Discussion in 'Wanted: Non-warning Public Safety Equipment' started by TactMedic, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. TactMedic

    TactMedic Registered Member

    Hi !

    I'm looking for 1 or 2 unity (or similar) spotlight and 2 windows bars for a 2011 Crown Vic.

    Thanks !
  2. octoberguy77

    octoberguy77 Member

    I have a Unity spotlight for a Crown Vic, off of a 2009 or 2010, complete and clean, fully functional for 45 plus shipping
  3. buff183

    buff183 Member

    I have the Unity LED8547 brand new for $130 each
  4. TactMedic

    TactMedic Registered Member

    You don't have 2 by chance ?
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  5. octoberguy77

    octoberguy77 Member

    Both for drivers side? Which years are they for?
  6. TactMedic

    TactMedic Registered Member

    1 driver and 1 passenger 2011 CVPI

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