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    Positive A+++

    Recently order some Edge Lens, items came as requested and prompt too. Communication was top notch too! Thanks!
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    Whelen Edge 9000 Ultra Project Bar

    Recently picked up with of these 9000 Ultra's for free. Besides some minor stuff its in okay shape. Going to order some lenses and spacers, going to need to replace the take downs. The previous owner wired them up with the rear flashers not realizing that there were front flasher wires, or...
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    Gotta love postal service lol.......NOT!!!!

    I have a package that was shipped from Ohio that is coming to me in NY. Arrived at their Detroit NDC on April 7th at 4:21pm and didn't depart until April 9th at 2:38am...
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    10-75_Da_Box's Collection

    The county I work for all that inventory stuff is done by our "store room" at our central services division. However, we don't use the asset tags any more. I think they just record the serial number down now.
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    10-75_Da_Box's Collection

    Just starting out with collecting. Been wanting to get into it for a while. First piece of my collection is the Federal Signal FireBeam 3. Picked this up off Facebook a about a year or so ago. Has a Chicago Police property tag. The Vista bar was a dumpster save from my FD, needs a little...
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    FS Vista.

    So this is my first light bar of my collection. Had it for a while now. Saved it from the dumpster after my FD decommissioned one of the SUVs. The light needs a little work. The passenger side TCL kept blowing one of the fuses when it was inservice, and the main harness is cut short. I would...
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    Federal Signal Model 15 Beacon Ray Junior

    Thanks for the info. All the bushings are there.
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    Federal Signal Model 15 Beacon Ray Junior

    My Beacon Ray Jr came in today. It does need a little work, I knew this when looking at this light. I bought it because of the fact it has a glass dome. This is my 3rd peice of my collection, and my first glass dome. The plate that is below the rotating seems a little loose, but the screws...
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    Beacon Ray Jr. Question

    Thanks Chris, will do!
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    Beacon Ray Jr. Question

    Thanks for all the input guys, I really do appreciate it. I did pull the trigger on the light, I had been eyeing it the past couple of days. The glass dome is what attracted me to it. I did message the seller, he was pretty firm with the asking price. The listing had about 8 watchers and I...
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    Beacon Ray Jr. Question

    Rob, Thanks for the input. I want it and I figured the glass dome would be worth it. Like I mentioned before, I really don’t know what these are worth and wanted to ask those that have a little more experience with this stuff. Big time fan of your YouTube channel.
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    Beacon Ray Jr. Question

    Chris, Thanks for you reply. The missing magnets don't really bother me, it would sit on a shelf. The glass dome is what caught my eye. As I'm starting off with collecting I'm not sure what some of these items are worth, and I know some of the prices on ebay are a little high. I'll watch it...
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    Beacon Ray Jr. Question

    Came across this on eBay. Was wondering if it’s a decent price? I really don’t know much about these as I’m just starting off collecting.

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