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    I thought Freedom lenses would be compatible, but they’re not. Need a red section or two for the 4500 series light bar.
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    PA200 info

    He sent me a pm. Thanks though.
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    PA200 info

    Pete, It’s installed in a vehicle. I’ll check.
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    Kent's (non-mechanical) Siren Repair Shop

    Already “liked” your page. I’ll keep an eye out. Thank you.
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    PA200 info

    I have a few old PA200’s. All are “staticky” when changing tones and wail will sometimes rise and fall at a varying rate causing it to sound much like a dying cat. is this repairable? I have made sure everything is connected good. Wire size is good. I have seen replacement transistors for...
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    Still have some red pieces that will fit a freedom?
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    Wanted Cencom sapphire

    I have a Carbide.
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    Michigan State Police Beacons Are Awesome

    They're hideous and ridiculously over priced.
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    Whelen LED low power mode

    Ifbthat will work, sounds like a pretty simple solution. Thanks.
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    Whelen LED low power mode

    I have a pair of amber PAR46 bulbs that I use as fog lights, more as a way to be seen, not to see. They're great during the day, but at night, they are too bright for oncoming drivers. I presume that the LEDS with low power or cruise settings operate by lowering the voltage to that particular...
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    Pathfinder programming

    Just plug it in.
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    Wanted Whelen Dominator parts

    Yes. Trying to not have to pay straight list price. They are very proud of individual small parts...
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    Install Led Lights on a Utility trailer

    Easiest thing to do is to install normally near rear BTT lights. Ground to mounting screw and wire positive into the parking light circuit on the tail light. No switches, no wires, just turn on parking lights to activate. I would normally use headlights at all times pulling a trailer anyway...
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    Wanted Sapphire control head and cables

    I think I have all the wiring and a 21 button control head. All new. Make offer.
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    Wanted 4 dual avengers red/blue

    I might be able to put 2 of them together for you. What are you offering for them? Hardwired versions. No bail mounts. Very good condition.

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