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    ERM founder and owner, Tony Mourgis, has passed

    sorry to hear the sad news , My condolences to his family and friends
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    FedSig is out of the halogen business

    It had to happen sooner or later :(
  3. 2004p71

    First Vision SLR failure. Here it is, folks.

    pretty sure they have a discounted price due to their high volume.
  4. 2004p71

    2020 Ford PIU wiring updates.

    thank you for sharing
  5. 2004p71

    For Sale Touchtek controller and key pad complete

    Got a complete controller from touchtek (riverside ) . Was tested and in working order before removal by me. comes as pictured and with the instruction manual . asking 140$ plus shipping , Open to trade or best offer
  6. 2004p71

    Anyone else get a breakup letter from Feniex?

    that might explain why sirennet do not have any Feniex products listed on their website anymore
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    what a retard this guy !
  8. 2004p71

    Ford F150 2018 wiring install question

    I will try to take pictures next week of an install but in short we made an aluminum board to fit under the driver side rear seat and most of the wires were ran under the truck and came in the cab through a weahter pack grommet
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    2010 dodge journey

    I dont think there is any plug and play hlf but I have recently done two journey with whelen flasher and it was a walk in the park .
  10. 2004p71

    New controller has a name... Feneix 5200

    Looks like they are leaning towards to something in the line of obd2 friendly,,,maybe not in par to a carbide tho
  11. 2004p71

    D-Tech MX7000 question, observation and reminiscing funny story...

    most led light if not all are in the 5k 6k range and produce a blueish light wich do not work well with filters . I tyred them in the past on an aerodynic with amber dome and got greenish color .
  12. 2004p71

    New controller has a name... Feneix 5200

    we still havent heard from this yet .
  13. 2004p71

    D-Tech MX7000 question, observation and reminiscing funny story...

    I rarely use my d tech bar but I will keep that in mind if I want to let it run for extended period of time.
  14. 2004p71

    Port Authority Of NY/NJ Wrecker Vision SLR

    that is super awsome :D

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