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    Wanted Old Jetsonic Motor

    Like it says, I need an old synchronized Jet motor. Used, is fine.
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    Cheetah EEC LB7AD lightbar

    To throw a wasp into the hornet's nest, let's say this was one of the original sealed-beam Cheetah bars and someone deciphered the fact that his old Deitz Omni-Chief lenses fit the base. Now add-in a few Smith and Wesson rotators and Smith and Wesson mirrors and guts, steal the Smith and Wesson...
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    Late Model 17 dome interchangeability question

    I didn't take any pics. Basically imagine a Large Model 17 dome w/o an F1 at the top... Did Federal change their source for their domes about that same time and start applying the "F" monikers? Is that how everything of theirs (about that time) got the designation and is that a Federal thing or...
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    Late Model 17 dome interchangeability question

    So these are Federal domes Just early pieces?
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    Late Model 17 dome interchangeability question

    Gentleman/Ladies; Twice now, in as many months, I have come into contact with two separate red domes being utilized on the later/larger Model 17's which have no markings on them (F1). In speaking with a colleague, we can't seem to be able to decipher the reasoning. I looked through my supply...
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    Fed Sig & Whelen Purple/Violet/Magenta

    What about an SVP teardrop in purple?
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    Wanted Used Red early Dietz, Signal-Stat or or Yankee-style light bar dome...

    Just as it says, useable condition is fine.
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    Wanted unity rv25

    I have 2 on a Federal crossbar w/ red spitfire domes. Whatcha offering?
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    Wanted Fed Sig Model 17

    What color dome? Older or newer style model 17?
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    Wanted Federal Signal VisiBar

    Red/blue in-stock $350. Speaker's a bit dented... haven't seen it in a while but it works...
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    Wanted Sho Me 1166/KD Lamp 875 blue teardrop light

    Got 'em in amber but stock new blue domes. $50 for the lights, $20 for the domes. Shipping falls on him...
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    Found second alpurlite today

    Most likely nautical in origin or application.
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    Wanted Beacon Ray Parts

    I need a skirt-halfway decent but doesn't have to be perfect. A base gasket would be nice and a clear dome-used. Email me at: Thanks in advance!

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