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    Wanted Whelen 8000 clear lens

    Looking for a clear or "near" clear Whelen 8000 lightbar lens to complete my project, the completely enclosed style please. If you have one that is somewhat yellowed.. I would still be interested. Thank you! Cliff.
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    POV law change

    You volunteer PA guys are so lucky that you are aloud to have any flashing lights on your POV's... Up here in B.C. Canada, and more than likely the entire country. We can not have/display any colour warning lights, air horn or siren in/on our POV's. Jealous!
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    Update!!! My Whelen 8000 from the Memphis auction!

    I love to see these classic Whelen bars! I have recently re powered mine with a waterproof Tomar neobe power supply. Works great now.
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    Restored Cadillac ambulance

    You are correct Skip, The clear Beacon domes are from the Late J Dorgan Jr. Although they are not period correct they are decent clear replacements! Bill also managed to purchase the correct base for his double tone siren.. I'm sure it has been installed already. I accompanied Bill a couple...
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    Oscillating and traffic clearing lights thread

    It is a shame that oscilating light is vanishing from the majority of emergency vehicles over the past decade around my part of the world.. Thankfully Power Arc and the new Roto Rays are experimenting with oscillating/spinning LED's. Federal Signal began the process of discontinuing their...
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    Oscillating and traffic clearing lights thread

    I enjoyed seeing "my" video here on eLightbars, glad it could be of service. Thanks for posting the link!! The Stinger is much better/brighter in person!! I also have a couple vids of Stingers at night in my collection on youtube. Just type in my user name with the word Stinger behind it in the...
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    Whelen ROTA-BEAM Family History

    Another great thread!! Thank you!! I picked up a clear dome beacon a few years back from an auto wrecker with no tag on it.. I had figured it was Whelen product although it said Ingram underneath. The pictures here confirm it as a Whelen "Senior". It had two red plastic filters glued ifo two...
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    Interview with the maker of the Rotoray.

    Fantastic information!! Thank you for posting and thanks for the pics as well. Sadly I have never seen one in person.. There are none in my part of the world.. But, I love them!!
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    Whelen 8000 w/ colored "flying saucer" optics - Update 1/6/13

    I too have recently aquired some Whelen 8000 parts (lenses and filters) from a friend. I was puzzled how the two red and blue filters that came with the lenses attached to the 8000 metal base.. Now it make sense. It's a UFO that holds them in place! Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures...
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    Great video showcase of vintage Mars and Tripp Lite, with a neat ending!

    Thanks for sharing the video!! Great history lesson!! The shop was amazing!!
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    Cool, interesting, odd etc Fire/EMS vehicles -locked due to new section

    A classic Ambulance made by Superior Coach. These "Fat Alberts" as they were called in this part of the world.. were widened 14 inches without alterning the chassis. Is this one for sale?
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    Q1 Demonstration Stand

    B&M siren has a beautiful diamond checker plate "low profile" (6inch high) box made with all the switches and solenoid needed for their Super Chief siren display. Ya do not want your box too tall as you'll be top heavy with the Q1 way up there. Unless your "box" is heavy. Ya don't want the box...
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    Can anyone identify this mechanical siren?

    Dominion Auto sold these tiny sirens in Canada. I'm not sure who produced them. They came with a rear bullet and a base similar to a CP25 pedestal. There have been a couple of these on eBay recently. A true peanut whistle. Loud with no coast. I have one like yours but chrome.. It's missing the...

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