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    Wanted Feniex Fusion L-Brackets, 2X Permanent Mounts

    Looking for 4 Feniex Fusion Surface Mount L-Brackets and 1 permanent Mount kit for a fusion 2x. Thanks!
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    Whelen, Feniex, Strobes-N-More, SpeedTech

    1. 2 Whelen Tir3 (Blue) (wires are short but that shouldn't be an issue) 2. Feniex Fusion Surface Mount License Plate bracket. 3. Strobes-N-More Surface Star Dual Head Hide-Away kit (Blue) L-Brackets and Surface Mounts included. Even comes with the box! ( 4. SpeedTechLights Striker 8 Dual...
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    For Sale Whelen, Feniex, Strobes-N-More, SpeedTech

    Anthony Bashford submitted a new listing: Whelen, Feniex, Strobes-N-More, SpeedTech - Multiple Items For Sale Read more about this listing...
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    Changing light heads question!

    Greet Thanks!
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    Changing light heads question!

    Hello new to this site, new to Feniex as well. Looking to buy some used lights. Question I have is, if I find a good deal on say a ILB and want to change the color. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!

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