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    Possibly a TecNiq K30?
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    Wanted Havis Ford Interceptor Sedan Equipment Tray Slider

    Need one for a 2013 FIS coming in shortly. New or good shape used with all hardware and parts. TIA
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    Wanted Havis C-MCB-CV Dual Mic Bracket for Crown Vics

    Would like at lease two, may need more. The trim piece on a fleet of in service vehicles is wearing out and the trim is popping out when officers grab the mics, especially with the Magentic Mics which they love. Let me know whatcha got. TIA
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    Positive for Carlos Spicyweiner!

    Back-up alarms and some Feniex Quad junk. As described, fast shipping. Thank you!
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    Positive Positive with Ropersupplyco

    Whelen 500 Series SmartLED Red. Fast shipping as described! Thank you!
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    For Sale Strobes N' More EBeacon Elite (Red w/ Clear Dome)

    If Froom isn't interested, please let me know.
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    Wanted Wanted - 1 Red and 1 Blue Whelen Vertex Twistlock for 2013 Ford PIU

    Title says it all. Need yesterday. TIA
  8. badge22 vs. Vehicle Lighting

    I have heard that some locals are now fining people who have solar powered outdoor led lights that flash or pulse when the batteries no longer charger completely. I dismissed it until I read this. Wow.
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    Wanted 2013 Ford PIU Headlight and Taillight Flasher

    Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback. I located one from Zone Technologies that works with the 2013+. Unfortunately, too late for this vehicle. I am instead installing 8EVP Cube 2 Lights with built in red and blue cruise lights. I will wire the high intensity side to a multi-mode flasher to...
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    Wanted 2013 Ford PIU Headlight and Taillight Flasher

    Looking for both. NOS or excellent used. TIA
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    Code 3 Optix Hide-A-Way System Manual

    I have attached the manual and the following parts list is for search assistance: Reference Number Part Description Part Number Qty 1------------Flasher Control Box------------------------------------------- T06595---------------1 2---------------LED...
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    Code 3 Optix Hide-A-Way System Manual

    Found. Code 3 had one after all.
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    Code 3 Optix Hide-A-Way System Manual

    Does anyone have a manual they can email me? TIA
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    Wanted Tomar Neobe 360 Strobe Beacon

    As title states. Mag mount with cigar plug would be awesome. Color is not important. Thanks in advance.

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