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    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    One of our members had one in all green. Totally blew everyone away at the time. Resulted in the Chief replacing most beacons on the trucks at the time with Code 3 lightbars.
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    Who made the best rotating halogen dash light?

    I'm voting for 5-0. By far the best in my opinion. I sold quite a few of them in my time when I was the sole Canadian distributor.
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    Whelen WS-295-MP made in 1986 with Tri-Tone!

    Had one of those on a Type II ambulance made by Tri Star from Nova Scotia. Was a big change for Ontario when they switched from Code 3 LP's and PA300's to Whelen Edge bars and this siren. Didn't last long. We used the Tri Tone just to annoy management.
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    Dominion auto “Sentinal” 6 volt

    Yes I have one, but in 12V. Came off an old racetrack ambulance
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    Light bar ID

    XS8000 flush for sure. Had one on a fire rig for years.
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    Wanted Prism lens for Federal Signal Model 15 Junior Beacon

    Well if it fits I would be interested. Let me know your price. Shipping to 14302
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    Wanted Prism lens for Federal Signal Model 15 Junior Beacon

    In need of 1 prism lens that clips into the rotator assembly of a FS Model 15 Junior Beacon Ray. Can anyone help ??? Ben
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    Non rotating 4 way flashers other than McDermott?

    Dominion Automotive made one based on their beacons that resembled the FS 174 and 17. Quite common in Canada during the 70's. I thankfully have 2 NOS versions and will try to get pictures up later.
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    Stratolite 80 Domes

    pretty sure I have one. Can you tell me the # that is on the top of the dome near the center. I will see if mine is a match
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    Signal Stat Model 339

    Glad you liked it. It sat on my shelf in the back room for years. I picked it up at a police / fire supply store that went out of business many years ago. I have a few of the FS branded ones (one is quad flash) and I never tire of the FS Fireball II line.
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    Wanted WTF Old Lightbar

    I have 1 pod if you need it. Send me an e-mail Also, trust me the SA450 is not the siren of era. It is one of the more modern sirens that we used when the SA400's were discontinued. You definetely want the older verson (square manual button)
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    Green Light Thread

    Your welcome
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    Who made the best rotating halogen dash light?

    Ok, # 1 for me was the FS Magnabeam. # 2 was the Five-0 light and # 3 was the FS FBII with mirrors. Got them all in my collection thankfully
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    Wanted WTF Old Lightbar

    Good old Dominion Automotive. I think the hardest part is the square 58 watt speaker. The SVP siren on the console is not original for this year of cruiser. We had the old SVP sirens with the slower wail and square middle red manual button.
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    I just happen to have a NOS clear dome. Might need to look at this light a little harder. Thx

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