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    FedSig is out of the halogen business

    OK sorry about that
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    2019 Silverado 2500HD wig wag

    Sound Off Isolated Flasher. Works great on 2018 and no problems, easy install.
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    FedSig is out of the halogen business

    I have a few NOS in box Sentry's. Most red, one amber. I think all high speed. $75 each plus shipping. All permanent mount. Sorry, no blue domes
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    Motorola Astro?

    No problem, but you’ll need to reprogram the radio to delete the siren programming or it will show an error code on powerup. Another option might be to leave the siren intact and just pull the lighting switch box, then add the feniex with a seperate speaker. Would allow for two siren tones at...
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    Whelen Linz 6 Leaking

    LINZ6 heads have always had water issues. Whelen is aware of the problem. Try your regional manufacturer representative. In Michigan. CJ Trojan Associates do an awesome job solving problems. Although the LINZ6 is not a particularly good choice for exterior mounting, IMHO Whelen is an outstanding...
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    2020 Silverado hd wigwag?

    I used a SoundOff ISO flasher on my 2018 2500HD and it worked perfectly. I even flashed each module of a dual Pioneer Slimline at the same time. Looks great
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    Are spacers necessary on Inner Edge in Tahoe/Silverado?

    Are the Whelen-provided spacers necessary when installing an Inner Edge in the Chevy/Silverado. I used them but the bar isn't really level. It is lower in the center so I'm wondering if I should take the spacers out? I'm not sure what purpose they serve? Thank you
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    Whelen Inner Edge XLP intensity?

    Thank you very much for your info. I hope I won't be disappointed but the whole vehicle is Whelen, so I have ordered a XLP. I working on additional corner/off axis lighting now to be sure that I have it covered adequately. Thanks again - I'll keep you posted
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    MICHIGAN law changes - green and possibly slicktop modifications

    PA 37 of 2017 has been signed into law with immediate effect. The law deletes the previous requirement that lights be mounted specifically on the roof portion of the vehicle. The 360 degree and 500 ft visibility requirements remain in effect.
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    Vehicle specific Fusion Interior Lightbar

    Love the setup - very sharp!
  11. billforbush

    Vehicle specific Fusion Interior Lightbar

    Very sharp setup! Thanks for sharing.

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