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    Question on Ion DUOs and ULF44

    You'll probably have to use a relay to cut power to the red trigger wire when you provide steady power to the white trigger wire with your external switch. Like this
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    Unication g5 programming

    The programming software is TRASH and documentation is non-existent.
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    Unication g5 programming

    Make sure the knob position is set to Trunking TG Scan and not Trunking TG Monitor. Monitor will receive all talkgroups active on the current site.
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    Unication g5 programming

    Make sure the "Push to Listen" box is unchecked on the knob position.
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    Unication g5 programming

    I've programmed a few in my day. What are you trying to do?
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    Proper Wire Routing Methods

    Another option is the headliner. Pull off the door weatherstripping and you should be able to pull down the edge of the headliner. Many times there is a large amount of room there on the edge of the headliner where it meets the gasket without having to remove anything else. I just did work on a...
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    Proper Wire Routing Methods

    Run in loom in the doorsills
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    Fire Station Alert Tone

    I'm upgrading the alert system at my fire station. We decode quick call II tones using a CDM1250. The external alarm wire output sets off the house bells and lights when we get a call. One of the nearby departments has a unique alert tone that I want to replicate. I believe it is a sound that...
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    HHS3200 config question

    It's a real PITA. Look at the stock config and copy how the Wail, Yelp, and T3 buttons are configured as they should have override from the factory.
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    Wanted Rear Window LED Explorer PIU CHMSL

    The Ions are the factory Ford brackets & shrouds. The LINZ6s below were added by the upfitter. In post #14 you can very clearly see they are Ions.
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    Wanted 2013 Ford PIU Headlight and Taillight Flasher

    I've used the Brookings flasher a few times. Pretty slick solution but the flash patterns are crappy.
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    Wanted Rear Window LED Explorer PIU CHMSL

    They were Ions with custom Ford brackets and shrouds. You can get the parts from Ford but it's pricy. I would recommend two Spitfire Ions. You should be able to rewire the Spitfire Ions for sync if you make your own wiring harness.
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    Wanted 2013 Ford PIU Headlight and Taillight Flasher

    Pretty sure it was only 16-19 that could use the Whelen plug in flasher. 15 and older have the projector headlights with shutters which require the Axixtech Brookings flasher to hold the shutters open and then flash the bulbs.
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    2013 PIU Phone Keypad

    If the vehicle doesn't have Sync the keypad should do the radio presets.
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    (NYPD) Help identifying deck lights

    They also use Whelen Slimlighters

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