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    Julian A. McDermott Circle Beam

    I plan on calling Mcdermott next week to see about the flasher and maybe an original label/badge for my recent restoration. thanks for all the information provided from members. A prior restoration of a Circle Beam light that I sold, I was able to get a new red lens from them. The warehouse...
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    Julian A. McDermott Circle Beam

    This is the one I just restored. Came off an old tug boat. I installed a Tridon electronic flasher. The base and cap were powder coated in bright chrome, fully re-wired, new gaskets. The lens is typical thin plastic with one small crack near the seam. this is the second or third Model 806...
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    Whelen responder DX clear dome

    Searching for a clear dome and amber filter for Whelen Responder DX halogen mini light bar. Anyone??
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    Found a clear dome for my SVP-1166 teardrop... finally

    I just grabbed 3 brand new 1166 clear domes. 2 will be going up for sale soon.
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    Found a clear dome for my SVP-1166 teardrop... finally

    I've got a purple dome too!!!!!! Wow. After reading the posts I realized that I have all the colors of the 1166 light- red, blue, amber, green, purple and clear! Here they are..
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    Found a clear dome for my SVP-1166 teardrop... finally

    I am too!!! And I have a green dome coming. I am too!!!
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    Federal Signal Model 15 Beacon Ray Junior

    I’ve got a fully restored ( by me) with amber glass dome mounted on my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500.
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    Support Resolved: Help member again

    Hello. Once again I’m interceding for Jack Ramsey ( who’s an ELB member. He just emailed me stating he cannot log in again. Can you contact him at the above email address and assist him in returning to ELB? Many thanks for your assistance!
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    Wanted Federal Signal model 78A siren

    Seeking a base for a 1948 vintage Federal Signal model 78 siren with propello ray. Any advice or help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Non rotating 4 way flashers other than McDermott?

    I’ve got a Sireno with clear dome and amber sealed beam bulbs.
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    NOS Grote 361-1

    Hi. I’ve got a few of them as well as North American Signal versions. I convert them to 110vac and make night lights out of them for kids both young and old. Have a few more to refurb, but I’ve got an old Fed Sig 78A that’s a barn find. Going to restore it( if I can get the darn rotor off motor...
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    Support Resolved: Helping member

    I’ve been asked to intercede for assistance by another member. There’s some kind of glitch keeping him from being back on ELB. His ELB name is “ fyrboy” and email is His email is working normally but he gets oddball messages bs k from the ELB website when he tries to sign in...
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    Model 19 Federal Signal Propelloray restoration completed.

    I’ve got a barn find Fed Sig siren model 78A dual tone with Propello-Ray light. 6vc. Trying to find a red lens. But this light actually worked but needs serious cleanup. I’m going to fully restore it. The model 19 is a really great light. Good job on your restoration.
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    Wanted Fed Sig model 19 lens

    Howdy everyone. I came into possession of a Fed Sig model 78A dual tone siren with model 19 propello ray light 6vdc. Going to restore it, but the red lens is broken. Looking for another one. Anyone help or point me in a direction to find one?? Thanks!
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    Wanted Wanted- Whelen L31 clear dome

    Searching for a clear dome to fit the Whelen L31 super LED light. Used would be fine. Thanks

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