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    Moto CDM1550 backlights not working

    I have it set to max backlight with P2 to adjust the backlight level and I've got nothing.
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    Moto CDM1550 backlights not working

    I got a CDM 1550 and none of the backlights don't work. Any idea where to get started to see wby they don't work?
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    Cannon Update V3 All-In-One

    True. I'm interested to see how it works with Whelen Smartlogic flasher and Carbide/Cantrol. I'd like to ditch my 2013's with the inline flasher for these if it works with it. I've seen it works with the Feniex flasher, but still waiting to see other flashers.
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    Cannon Update V3 All-In-One

    Feniex has updated their Cannon Hideaway from 2209 V2 to 2219 V3. Removed is the inline flasher and replaced with all the components stuffed into the head of the hideaway! No more inline driver to worry about now!! Also updated is the flash patterns. They've added Attack 1 and Attack 2 from...
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    The Puck

    Ah, I gotcha. When I usually do a RMA, it's all fairly quick and easy. However, it did take a bit longer when I RMA'd a 49" bar. I had to make a deposit to have a new bar shipped, prior to shipping the old bar back, so I could do an immediate switch on an in-service vehicle.
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    The Puck

    I've never had an issue with their customer service, what kind if issues have you had?
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    The Puck

    Ah, my bad. I forgot you posted it.
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    The Puck

    Yeah, it'll have a puddle light, like the Whelens. Here's a video they posted about it, explaining a few things.
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    ERM founder and owner, Tony Mourgis, has passed

    So sad. He made some really great products and was definitely an innovator thinking outside the box. He will be truley missed.
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    Feniex Announces Two New Divisions

    Do you know which products and from which companies? I had heard some rumblings on Facebook of some of the items from the public works divison being Chinese made, but no one actually provided any proof.
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    2018 Ford PI Utility Upfitter guide

    To get to any wiring in the front end of the vehicle and to remove the covers to mount the ions, yes you'll have to remove the front fascia. It's kind of a pain, but not too bad.
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    200W Touchmaster Delta?

    So, I'm reading that the Touchmaster Delta is capable of 200W. The manual doesn't really specify how to achieve this. But, I'm assuming just connect 2 100W speakers instead of 1 and it automatically adjusts. Similar to how the CenCom does 200W? If anyone can confirm please. Thanks!
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    Reversing motor rotation

    Just curious, if i change the polarity on the motor for a rotator (Whelen RB6) will that reverse the direction the motor spins? Thanks!
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    What are these lights?

    Perfect, thank you!

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