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    STL quality

    You can get used solid quality from a top three brand from here or elsewhere for the same or less money. Best of Luck, Seth
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    Wanted Unitrol Omega 90 Cables

    That sounds right. Seth
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    Wanted Unitrol Omega 90 Cables

    They’re not easily found. About 15 years ago, there was someone on here who was making them, I picked up both cables and ran dual tone omegas in my truck. Probably my favorite setup ever. Anyway, they CAN be made, additionally, you can put the omegas on toggle switches vs having to use a...
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    Recommendation for Crown Vic grill lights.

    Sorry man. Low profile and crown vic aren’t two things I personally think are synonymous. The chrome grill is difficult to see lighting through period. If u want grill lights, get a honeycomb grill and put some ions or 400’s there and be done with it. You could also put some ions or linz6’s...
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    Lightbar ID: 2002 Ford e350

    From the picture it looks like a Whelen 4500 bar maybe an advanced edge. There should be a label on the underside of it. Seth
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    Can anyone tell what lighthead is in this pushbar?

    I’d agree. Lin3’s or LinZ6’s
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    Wanted Portable radios

    Jarred has a good point, checking the FCC database is a good place to start. Six portables in bad shape doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies that if a license was ever gotten that it’s been maintained. If it had, likely someone would in admin would have known who to talk to and would like have the...
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    Wanted Portable radios

    If u want building penetration you’ll want UHF not VHF. 2 watts should be fine for a 1000 ft range which are what most FRS are and they’re UHF. As others have said, grab a pair and do some testing b4 buying. Some of the FRS channels don’t require a license, some do. If you license FRS you can...
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    Attempting to identify traffic advisor

    Generally, name brands have their logos n data plates in plain site. Likely this is a generic/knockoff. Best bet is making some brackets that fit your use scenario or finding some vehicle specific brackets n modifying those. Looks like you could zip some L brackets into that rear deck making...
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    Latest auction goodies...

    Nice haul! If your parting out things, I have a couple things I could find use for;) Seth
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    Anyone know where to find these Whelen 8 Head Inner Edges for a Crown Victoria?

    Yes Lin6’s are in 500 housings. Linz6 are in tir3 housings Seth
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    Need help identifying two different consoles

    First one is for a Ford Explorer... circa 2010ish I believe. Idk about the second. Seth
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    Anyone know where to find these Whelen 8 Head Inner Edges for a Crown Victoria?

    Keep looking. They pop up. Also they use the Lin6 heads. Seth
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    Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha EOW: 03/25/2022

    May he Rest In Peace. Prayers for his family and all involved. Seth

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