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    New FDNY Seagraves

    LVMPD uses SLR's...Clark County (which Vega$ is in) out there does also...but those are drops in the ocean compared to NYPD...and...CHP...
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    THAT'S where I knew your face from!
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    LAPD 1997 Crown Victoria Console

    Motorola MX350 and Convert-a-com...!
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    What is this type of light ?

    I think the US politicians are simply more arrogant...? Seriously though...both styles work. US is all about excess. Just look at the emergency lights ALL OVER our cars here vs EU...for "safety" but EU headlights and tailights are illegal here. Why? Because they are much more effective...and...
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    Federal LED Traffic Clearing Light

    ...I can guess...
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    What is this type of light ?

    Yea. They have a different approach to VIP escorts compared to the US. They do them in a way that is more low-key and the least amount of disturbance to other road users where USSS tends to block off all roads everywhere...and has these massive motorcades.
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    What is this type of light ?

    No clue...but any time I have seen them IRL the ones up high on the window for the past few years have been steady burn...and the mess of lights in the grilles are all that flashes. usually they are linear style though. This one almost seems like he added it himself... One thing I did see there...
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    Whelen Flash Pattern demonstration ??

    If they are in, they are in...but whelen command sw you can demo any pattern.
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    new fusions?

    Plus one on this for me also... For not many more $$ I'm just getting Whelen now.
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    Connecticut State police lighting

    State lease. DAS = Department of Administrative Services. DAS leases cars for the state and assigns them to wherever.
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    Connecticut State police lighting

    I found out what this plate was. DAS leased vehicle.
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    new fusions?

    Holy mackerel! You are correct! I have been so focused on the damn Quad S being available that I did completely and totally not realize that this new ad was for FUSION S... I completely missed that because supposedly the QUAD is getting a serial version. The worst part of this blunder on my...
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    new fusions?

    The video said the QUAD-S is 60% brighter... I was expressing faux outrage over that claim. The optics on the QUAD-S is not the same as the QUAD... Goodness.
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    new fusions?

    Different lenses on these...and 60% brighter than the version 1 quads...??? That will infuriate me...

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