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    For Sale Roto-Ray 200W $700 OBO SHIPPED!

    I have made arrangements to get the eQ2B the I gave local FD from truck that has been taken out of service. I should have it Monday or Tuesday. If you don't find a buyer, I want that beaut!!!
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    Federal Signal Aerodynic Domes-Made to order/Factory direct

    *Sigh* ok thanks, was worth a shot.
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    Federal Signal Aerodynic Domes-Made to order/Factory direct

    Could you do a green section for a Aerodynic??
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    6" Fire hose cap

    Yeah since this is just going to be a hobby truck, I'm going for used. I've looked at new and quickly scared back away from them. 
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    6" Fire hose cap

    As some of you know I'm refurbishing an older fire truck and am having to get some help finding parts and pieces. Does anyone know where I could find a 6" LDH hose cap? Just the screw on cap that goes over the hose slot from the pump? I know is a little off but you guys here are excellent help!!!! 
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    Wanted I need a bell!

    THANKS GUYS!!!!!!
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    Wanted I need a bell!

    Well.... I've found one. Nowhere near as pristine as ERIC6913's but it'll do. Now for the next question. It has some significant tarnish and/or rust places......all over! Eric exact same model as the one you have shown, any idea or help to get the spots off????
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    Wanted I need a bell!

    I am in the process of refurbishing a pumper that I just saved from the scrap yard. I have most of the lights working and Q on the bumper working and on the other side of the bumper I see what looks like where a bell used to be. So, my wife has approved me to pursue a bell, LOL! Since I have no...
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    SOLD OUT - Whelen CSP690 6 head Strobe Power Supplies, $20 + shipping (updated: 1/7/15)

    Do you still have 1 of these? I'm in!! payment will ship out in the morning if you still have any!
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    Whelen Commander parts with Flying saucer optics + FREE Do-ray domes (edited Mar. 25th 2015)

    I could use the Aero domes, and a 4 section aero its self as a matter of fact(if you happen to find one) to help in the project truck i'm working on. How much to get you to let them go?
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    Photos: new Ohio State Patrol light bars

    Oh wow......That is Hideous!!
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    Headlight and Taillight flasher for 2009 Nissan Titan

    I am looking to install a headlight and tail light flasher on my Titan. I cannot seem to find which ones would be compatible. I looked on the Sho-me website and even google'd, but cant seem to find a definitive answer. Any help?

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