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    Wanted Code 3 distributor

    I can get you a distributor or go onto Code 3 website they list distributors there. If you don't find what your looking for send me a PM
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    Wanted Code 3 Excalibur Mini Bar or Upper Clear Dome

    You're looking for the 18" mini bar i take it, they also have a 36" the lenses are still available.
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    Wanted MX 7000 Parts

    Sorry for the late response. I did see the other threads.
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    Wanted MX 7000 Parts

    If you still in the market I have 2 complete arrowstick sets including the screws to mount them. $150.00 plus S&H
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    Mastercom B and Z3 discontinued?

    Yes sir, we discontinued both. For replacement of the Matercom, we have the XCEL nice siren, plus the siren tones sound much better than the Mastercom. Z3 Matrix took over the Z3 Legacy which you can still use like the Z3 with limited programming.
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    Wanted Code 3 torus housings

    OK, That is a Narrowstick module and believe it or not we called it a surface mount, the bezel was a surface mount but you had to cut the vehicle body to fit the light. OK, it will not fit in the lower deck of the MX as it is. Now I ve done it but only in an emergency and is time consuming...
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    Wanted Code 3 torus housings

  8. CD3

    Wanted Code 3 torus housings

    Would the back have about 1.5" of potting and two wires, Red/Black? From this photo looks like it was a LED for our LITKIT-T feet?
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    Wanted Code 3 torus housings

    When you refer to Torus that was the LED technology we started using in 2011, what exactly is the light you need the housing for, can you get a picture of your LED?
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    MX7000 missing parts. need help.

    Are your strobe tubes have the rubber ends that pop into the reflectors and have a red wire coming out of one end and the black & white wire out of the other end?
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    For Sale LXEXB1F-Red & Blue

    I have a set of LXEX(black) Clear lens flashing Red & Blue with rubber gaskets. The Red is dated 3/10 the Blue dated 5/11. These work terrific and will still probably out last me! $45.00 shipped.
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    For Sale CELS Package MC Supervisor & Citadel

    For 2013-2019 Ford Interceptors, Complete CELS package: Ford PIU Supervisor, Red/White, Drivers side & Blue/White Passenger side 1 piece, with mounts. Citadel, Red/Amber Left side, Blue/Amber Right side, CELS control Box for both Supervisor & Citadel. $400.00 Plus S&H due to size. If you...
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    MX7000 Mounting of 3M/GTT Opticom Model 792 Emitter

    I saw you post. Not sure what if you already got this handled, but we used to make our own plate out of aluminum you can get pieces at any hardware store then mount it onto the rotator base.
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    Matrix system programming?

    Contact Code 3 Tech Support at (314) 426-2700 when prompted press 2. Then ask for Brian Rott. Or email:
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    Wanted Code 3 RX2700 Lenses - New Complete

    I can get you lenses, Uppers and Lowers?

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