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    Odyssey Emergency Vehicles / Odyssey Automotive Specialty

    I believe Major still upfits the NYPD RMPs
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    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Either or. While unmarked cars were the primary application, it wasn't unheard of for underhood mounting in marked cruisers.
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    Pictures Only Your State's Vintage First Responder Vehicles

    Love the early 60s Pontiacs, keep em coming
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    2021 F250

    Unusually sensible upfit given today's tendency towards excessive. My hat's off to you.
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    AeroDynic 24XQ

    I should have specified for the Aerotwin. Thanks, good to know it's possible for a future project.
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    AeroDynic 24XQ

    Has anyone ever tried trimming off one end panel each from 2 full height cascade mirrors and mounting them back to back for the full flash front and rear?
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    NYPD ESU: Help identifying work light

    I assumed they were current gen Hellas
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    LAPD 1997 Crown Victoria Console

    Looks to me like a Gamber-Johnson console box
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    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    With NYC/NYPD price always conquers all else, especially coming out of the 1975 fiscal crisis. I used to have a saying when it came to NYC/NYPD purchasing- "the best low bid will buy".
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    PA-15a Director Siren assitance needed

    That's remarkable. What did they update to from those?
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    Opinions on a Good solid dash light

    You want punch? Code 3 Dashlaser M red/clear.
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    PA-15a Director Siren assitance needed

    As late as 1990?? What agency?
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    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    I know an all red Twin was field tested before the 1973 model year switch/upgrade from the single Signal-Stat 374 to the Signal-Stat twin beacon/can light bar. It's entirely possible the 12F was field tested before selecting the Dual Comm for 1978.
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    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    Nice. As you noted above these would have been on the R-Body HWY RMPs, possibly also the same model year vans, SUVs, REPs and Roadside Repair trucks, I just don't remember for sure.

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