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    Unmarked Police Cars on TV and their Dashlights

    Pathetic, not real windshield glass, and yes I know Hollywood uses candy or some other material for breakaway glass
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    Can you identify these mounting holes??

    You're overthinking this. You say you want to restore it to period correct so if the agency is unknown then agency-specific equipment isn't necessary.
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    LED McDermott riser bar

    It's not the LEDS that make it a mess, it's the number of light heads and colors
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    LED McDermott riser bar

    They took an effective warning device and made it a mess
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    Signal Stat Bar and Lights

    Oh well
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    Signal Stat Bar and Lights

    Reverse polarity to one motor
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    Signal Stat Bar and Lights

    Please counter-rotate them, my OCD is kicking in
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    who makes the led sign boards that say "police scene ahead"..

    The NYPD message boards aren't legible from more than a few carlengths back due to the blue, I don't know why they didn't go with amber. DandR Electronics make a similar product and they have an interior model that pivots open and closed
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    CBS Report on NYPD switching to a hybrid fleet

    I've driven them all, the PIU hybrid is noticibly faster than the current base gas engine and fuel efficiency is demonstrably improved. Look forward to cycling into one when my current PIU cycles out in 3 years.
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    Fed Sig MML1-FD

    The primary intended market for these lights were unmarked emergency vehicles, the light was mounted to the front headliner in front of or adjacent to the rr view mirror or on the rear deck, the motorized cover concealed the colored lens when light was not in use. The light was factory steady...
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    wanted installer, Hudson Valley area, NY

    Try Cruisers Division in Mamaroneck and Beyer (formally Wornock) in NJ
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    Twinsonic/Aerotwinsonic mod capability

    Not only did I forget this thread existed but that I even contributed to it!
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    Twinsonic/Aerotwinsonic mod capability

    Can anyone advise if either bar has the interior clearance to convert the rotators from 2 bulb to 4 bulb, and if so has anyone ever seen one? Or, has anyone ever seen a lookalike/knockoff configured that way?
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    Fed Sig MML1-FD

    Yes, reversing motor, power applied it opens, power removed it closes, the other turns on/off the light. I had 1 in my POV/Response car for several years it was wicked attention-getting when activated.
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    Southern VP model 202 lightbar

    Independent motors or belt-driven?

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