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    Help with Smartsiren history

    NYPD 1991 model year Caprices came equipped with Premium Vision lightbars and Vision/Smartsiren controller. The stand alone Smartsiren light/siren controller presumably was released at the same time.
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    JetSonic Model J

    Since it's chain driven an it counter rotates we know it did but I couldn't tell you how they were aimed. Given the rotator and mirror angles I would first synch the fronts to each other then the rears with each other then the fronts with the rears. Did I make sense?
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    POV Lighting Suggestion

    I'm gonna deviate from the crowd and recommend tried and true rotating halogen- blue or blue/white Code 3 DashLaser M
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    For Sale rare sp mark 7 siren $650.00 SOLD

    From the NYPD? The last model year they were installed was 1989 with a few new technology digital versions making it into a select number of vehicles in 1990. By 1998 or 2000 the inventory of decommissioned units was surely exhausted and after 9/11 the City stopped auctioning off emergency...
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    JetSonic Model J

    Rotators are out of synch but she's as mint as you say
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    For Sale rare sp mark 7 siren $650.00 SOLD

    I never thought they'd become so scarce and collectible, the NYPD or the retail versions. The NYPD used to auction them off by the milk crate load, they were always available at hamfests, the early days of Ebay, I think even Galls back when they only sold used/reconditioned emergency vehicle...
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    Old NYPD electronic sirens

    IIRC in Standby the horn ring and manual paddle switch was instant Peak & Hold, in Wail and Hi-Lo it was momentary Yelp instead of Tap II
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    For Sale rare sp mark 7 siren $650.00 SOLD

    I had that exact model in my POV EV back in 1990. Sorry I sold it off years later.
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    Michigan State Police Beacons Are Awesome

    I thought so too
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    Scientific Prototypes siren

    Since NY Hospital ran those sirens long past the company's demise that was probably a repaired siren wasn't 100% factory spec
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    Flashes per Minute Regulations

    The "cop lights cause a seizure" article concerns a search & seizure issue. This is the first I've heard LEDs specifically linked to epileptic seizures, never too old to learn something new.
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    Flashes per Minute Regulations

    "cop lights cause a seizure" is not an LED cause epileptic seizure article. While 911EP may have introduced their LED products in the mid 90s, my memory is they concentrated primarily on a traffic adviser lightbar. LEDs didn't really enter the mainstream of EV warning products, or certainly...
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    Flashes per Minute Regulations

    Seizures were linked to strobes (and I'm not sure that was ever confirmed as fact) not LEDs, strobes have been in use since the 70s if not earlier, 1st gen LED emergency warning lights were introduced post-2000
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    Unmarked Police Cars on TV and their Dashlights

    Pathetic, not real windshield glass, and yes I know Hollywood uses candy or some other material for breakaway glass

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