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Recent content by Chris W

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    2012 Silverado Code 3 and Feniex Build

    I would resign! No one touching my truck!
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    Wanted Console face plate

    For what brand console?
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    Wanted 2012 Tahoe Feniex Visor Brackets

    Which housing do you have? The housings are different based on vehicle, not just the brackets.
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    4200 Day/Night

    Yes, night mode will over ride day mode. My day mode is connected to ignition and night mode is connected to clearance lights.
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    POV response

    All that noise and you still missed first due. :p:p:p
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    4200 acting...oddly.

    How is it wired? How/why is the 4200 connected to the code 3 arrowstick controller?
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    Whelen headlight flasher on 06 RAM 2500

    Ive done HLF on new ram’s, like 2017 new. I only use the isolation HLF from soundoff.
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    The HAM Radio Thread

    And still no one has started an unofficial ELB net/roundtable on hf or dmr? :rolleyes: Terrible excuse for whackers :p
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    Feniex Apollo Interior Bar and Ram 1500

    Thats not to say you cant make it fit, but it might take a little work/fab work
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    Feniex Apollo Interior Bar and Ram 1500

    Yes, the housings and brackets were vehicle specific for cobra, apollo, and fusion.
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    I dig the front! Sides aren't bad either, but the back....
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    What is a good mobile to get?

    Not going to be able to change the head, the HHCH requires a different interconnect board on the radio than the regular heads and you would have to force different programming into the radio. Not worth it, and not cost effective to purchase the hardware if you can even find it, remember the...
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    New Forum

    We We
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    Antennas on the 2015+ Tahoe PPV

    I thought the rib on those was wide enough for the nmo mount to fit, but I could be wrong. If not mount between the first and second ribs and add a second one on the opposite side for symmetry even if it is not used.

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