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    Wanted 86-1990 Caprice Jetsonic mounting hardware

    I am in need of the straps for attach my Jetsonic to a 1986-1990 Caprice Classic. Please let me know if you have some
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    Restored 1988 & 1996 Houston PD cars

    The 1988 is a lighter shade of blue. The 1980s went through several lighter shades and they darkened it up in the 90s.
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    CHP light study

    I have heard many times that CHP has been mentioned for having produced a study regarding emergency lights. Where would I find that information? I would like to read about it. Thanks
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    Restored 1988 & 1996 Houston PD cars

    Nice! PM me his name and I’ll say hi ;)
  5. Citabria7GCBC

    Restored 1988 & 1996 Houston PD cars

    The 1996 was completed in April 2018 and I plan taking it to DC for police week in May. The 1988 is nearing completion but I still need to install emergency lights (Jetsonic) and siren. For the record I am an HPD Officer and the car restorations have been authorized directly by the Chief of...
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    Cy-Fair VFD + Lamborghinis!

    Cool video
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    Wanted WTB Jetsonic mounting straps

    I’m looking for the hardware to mount my Jetsonic on a 1988 Caprice Classic.
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    Wanted WTB Clear Center lense for MX7000

    Need a nice looking center clear lense for my MX7000.
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    Changing patterns on an LAPD Aerodynic

    Thanks y’all! I’ll post photos and video when it is back together!
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    Changing patterns on an LAPD Aerodynic

    Does anyone have the actual gear numbers for the LAPD all light aerodynic?
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    Wanted LAPD Aerodynic and related equipment circa 1995

    Update: I put the LAPD car on hold and restored the car as a Houston pd car. I’m still waiting (going on 2 years) for M-Squad to make my LAPD decals. I suspect I have been scammed by him. Do Not Purchase from M-Squad.
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    Wanted LAPD Aerodynic center mirror

    If you end up having to fabricate one let me know so we can do an order of two. I need one for my LAPD aerodynic too.
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    Whelen Inner Edge XLT R/B & HHS2200

    Reducing to $650. Need to make room for other projects. Will also throw in 4 LED Outfitters surface mounts and 2-tir3s

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