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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Here's an install/response from some EMS something in Thailand This has gotta win some sort of all time prize
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    "Kill Key" switch

    On the smart controllers like the SS2000, I just cut the trace on the board and install a keyswitch between them which gets mounted on the side of the console. Of course if you are using something other than a relay controlled device, you are better off just putting one of those 200A cutoffs...
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    Caballo Fire

    That's an International 4700 based rig. I drive a 1997 4700 Command Post (finally being retired this June). It's class C and by far my favorite piece of hardware I've been able to run. Bummer its not 4x4, but I haven't got stuck yet.
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    KVL3000 Plus

    Are you looking for any trades?
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    For Sale Motorola XTL2500 Remote Head 800 P25

    For a 2500, you might get more interest in the $450-600 range. It also helps to post the firmware and flashcode numbers. These can both be accessed by turning the radio on, waiting for the screen to come up and then immediately pressing the home key 5 times. The radio will chirp and cycle...
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    Looking for an upfitter for Sprinter Comms Vehicle

    Our agency is looking for a company to help us quote, design and upfit a new Sprinter mobile communications vehicle. We are located in Southern California, so local dealers are preferred. PM me for email and more details. Thanks! -C.K.Garside
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    Considering a Feniex Install. Have a few questions

    Hey all, after all the great reviews I've been seeing recently, I am considering going with Feniex lights for my next upfit. Have a few questions that don't think were covered by the literature I studied: 1) What gauge wire is used for the lightheads (surface mounts, wide lux, 4&600 and HAWs)...
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    BlackBox Brand Radios

    Blackbox radios are junk/crap/s**t/-insert other here- AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE (Actually avoid them even if it isn't possible) They are not Part 90 compliant, which means they have no place being used legally for public safety or commercial use.
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    Quality Led flashlight info needed

    Thrunite TN12 Been my EDC for 2 years now. Its very bright (1000 lumens) and survived lots of abuse. Even used it as a headlight when mine failed on a sketchy unpaved mountain road a few weeks ago.
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    Timers & Battery Draw Protection

    In my installs, all radios and devices with parasitic drain are wired to an ignition sense rail. This has a timer that cuts off the load when the car isn't running for more than 5-30 minutes. If you need to keep the radios on for longer (or the warning lights are activated) a switch on the dash...
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    500 watt par 36

    The 500W ones are typically installed on aircraft with 28VDC electrical systems. The highest wattage I've seen is vehicle range (14VDC) is 250W
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Nice!!!! Looks like a damn carnival
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    Norwegian Tow truck (flatbed)

    I'd like to see the control hardware in the cab
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    For Sale Yaesu FT-2900

    Price Dropped to $100, you pay shipping. I want it off the shelf.

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