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    Wanted Blue Dome for Streethawk (End)

    No, sorry. Bought from @tsquale Thanks for checking in though!
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    Wanted Vehicle up fit list

    Are you looking to run your lights through a siren controller, or running lights and siren independently? Based on your wish-list, I am assuming independently?
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    2002 Trailblazer POV

    popped up under my "new posts" tab! It was new to me :p
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    Wanted Strobe Dual Dashmiser WANTED R/B

    Yes sir! PM me with pics please. Thanks!
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    Wanted Whelen Flatlighter Velcro Straps

    For future reference: I guess "no privacy" pays off (at times).....
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    Wanted Whelen Flatlighter Velcro Straps

    Talk about "big brother watching".... Velcro ads all over the place on here now. lol
  7. Cleaning Traffic

    Wanted Whelen Flatlighter Velcro Straps

    Easy....yes. That velcro crap is expensive
  8. Cleaning Traffic

    Wanted Whelen Flatlighter Velcro Straps

    Fat chance, but I'm gonna try anyway. Need two sets. Thanks!
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    2002 Trailblazer POV

    Looks good to me. Cant go wrong with a pair of hideaways in the back-up lights alternating with the tail lights (day time rear visual). Lights in the rear window is good for perimeter/intersection lighting, maybe upgrade to a dual light there. But all in all....sweet!
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    Wanted Whelen MPC01 Controller (Pre-Programmed)

    Looking for a pre-programmed MPC01 just to bench test an ST8 and SS8 LFL Liberty lightbars just to ensure all lights are working. Not installing the unit at all, strictly for bench testing. Both lightbars are ALL LED with takedowns, alleys and traffic arrow function. Thanks!
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    Wanted Whelen LFL Liberty Rubber Feet Pads

    Need enough to do 2 bars. Thanks!
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    Wanted Whelen Wiring Harness with connectors Liberty LFL

    Looking for the wiring harnesses with connectors attached (plug-n-play). I need from the bar to the BL627 amplifier and from the BL627 amplifier to the MPC01 controller. Thanks!
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    Fusion Visor Patterns

    OK Jman, I think I might have learned something new, but I am not familiar with Blueprint. Does your response support or contradict my response?
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    Whelen ST8RRBB Liberty LFL

    So am I understaning this correctly? I have to wire this bar through a BL627 (which is a siren amplifier) to bench test the lightbar? Or is hooking it up to a MC01 controller sufficient enough to just bench test the light?
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    Fusion Visor Patterns

    Not sure if I am interpreting your thread right, but I will post based on how I understand it. "SYNC" means that all light units must posses (or be capable) of putting out the same flash patterns as the rest in order to "SYNC" as defined. Meaning, one light unit that has a pattern that another...

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