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    For Sale FEVER Demo Vehicle Feniex Cobra 800 Amber/White

    Hey Nic, Do you have 8 Amber Cobra Dummy modules? Let me know! THANKS!
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread Here's a Code 3 XL for ONLY $450! It might need a wire or two! LOL!
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    does the market really need another beacon? I like the design of this beacon, but its imported and not very bright. Show'em how its done, Feniex!
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    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome to the site! I've been down to Washington for John Deere - Sinclair Tractor, I think? Anyway, I didn't get a chance to stop by your station to drop off fliers, sorry! I'm based in Clinton, IA and I have the webstore I work on when I have free time, so feel free to stop by if you're in...
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    Reaching out for amber...

    I would get a hold of Star Warning Systems. They might donate something being they based in New York. No promises, but they've donated items in years past to similar organizations.
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    A new REACT type organization? What do you think?

    So I ran across this group on Facebook. I've never seen or heard of them before, but I have mixed feeling on it... If I was a LE officer, I wouldn't want another citizen risking his vehicle and life unnecessarily... As a tow truck operator, I would kind of appreciate this assistance,especially...
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    Employment for installers

    Is this a permanent, full time position or a job/project? I may know someone willing to relocate if the job makes sense to do so.
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    What is your favorite Star/SVP Product?

    Have fun with the Lasers...I've had trouble with every one I've sold. We have a VERY high return rate on light heads that are burning out. The only ones that seem to hold up are the starburst heads. Mtech and lineum heads need work. Star is good about taking care of them, though. I still take a...
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    siren speaker in 2013 F-150 grill

    SO, you need to get a vehicle specific bracket or build one yourself. The 2 bolts that hold the hood latch is where they bolt to. Ford moved the ambient air temp sensor in the newer models like yours, so that shouldn't be a problem. StarSVP's bracket works pretty good with Feniex speakers, but...
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    Behind the scenes

    Can you send that to me Next Day Air so I get it today?
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    Funeral Escort / Removal Vehicle - Suburban

    I like it. Functional and respectful.
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    Ford F150 Feniex POV

    I agree with FEVER, We've started installing them in place of the reverse lights as well. VERY popular and they work great for warning or reverse lights. Customers LOVE them!
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    Tahoe 2015 Laser Scan at Feniex

    That looks like a tedious PITA....Can I borrow that laser for a day or two?!     :undecided: .oO (Dash mounts for 4200...)
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    Installers near St. Louis, MO

    ClintonPSE offers mobile services in East St. Louis occassionally for District 11 ISP. I'd be willing to cross into MO for an install. We require a partner car dealer or auto/body shop with electricity and I bring everything else. References available. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our...
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    Feniex Push Bumper Idea

    I would not be in the market for push bumpers. I offer Jotto as a special order and its RARE I even get interest. I would go after the amber beacon market. Ecco is starting to run away with it, and in my opinion, Feniex could EASILY compete with a quality 6" beacon. The first beacon Feniex...

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