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    What works on removing old stickers or tape from lenses.

    @Stampeed Valkyrie There are products available that are for removing labels. I, myself usually use kerosene that seems to loosen up the glue more easily than alcohol or gasoline, or whatever the names might be of these types of solvents. Michael
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    Lights from 1965 GMC Fire Truck questions

    The large lens for the model 17 and model 173 came in 1968 so it can only be a small lens on a model 17 from 1960. Michael
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    Lights from 1965 GMC Fire Truck questions

    @northernlights823 W.S. Darley used the trademark CHAMPION on their warning equipment. I am sure that it has been the name CHAMPION on the upper emty field on the name tag. Michael
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    Lights from 1965 GMC Fire Truck questions

    @northernlights823 The beacon is a rebranded Federal Sign and Signal model 17 BeaconRay made in October 1960. W.S. Darley is a fire vehicle manufacturer and equipment supplier that have sold alot of rebranded products over the years. Michael
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    Latest Craigslist Find

    @stansdds Personally I do not think that the 2Z mean that it was ordered ”backwards” because we know for sure that NYPD used both the standard 24RMVF and the special order 24RMVF-2Z and both where ”backwards”. It is easy to turn the bar around and change position of the two speaker grill...
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    Latest Craigslist Find

    @Stampeed Valkyrie What might be the special order as the 1Z indicate? I can not see to much that is not standard except the internal flasher and the sealed beams in the rotators. Michael
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    Federal Signal H.I.D. Spectra System

    Here is the brochure of the H.I.D. Spectra System for those who are interested. Michael
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    Beacon Ray Model 17

    @I 26 You can try to contact Gary Cahill at Rescue Market: He might have what you need in gaskets. You can try to polish with Autosol which usually is a common product to polish chrome with. It is also a good product to polish plastic lenses with too. The two...
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    Rebadged FS 184 Signal Stat 339 A2

    @stansdds I will agree with you, because Signal-Stat’s own beacons, 370 and 374, earliest SAE compliance date is 1968. The Federal 184 came in 1964 so the rebadging for the Signal-Stat model 339 must have been between these years. Michael
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    Twinsonic 12E question for the masses...

    @894 Here you have the 12E-series service parts scheme. Michael
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    Replacement rear lens for Federal sirens

    @Maxim2Eng You are correct. The lens is a Guide R3A-54 and is used on the 1954 Oldsmobile 88. Michael
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    Federal Mogul... Signal Stat... Dietz.. whatever Saturday fun.

    @Stampeed Valkyrie Federal-Mogul bought Signal-Stat in 1986, Dietz in 1990 and made the Dietz products become Signal-Stat and sold Signal-Stat to Truck-Lite in 2002. Earlier beacons had the same motors that Dietz used but later changed to the cheaper light duty motors that you have in yours...
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    Vintage Catalogs: Grote

    Grote 1981 Edition Catalog.
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    Vintage Catalogs:Dietz

    Dietz Catalog #64, dated October 1966.
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    Some new members for my collection

    @ex416 Yes, they are identical because your SVP 531 is a rebranded Arrow 531. At that time your light was sold SVP mostly sold rebranded equipment. Michael

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