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    What was your first?

    Only three horsepower though. Seriously - that picture is pretty incredible, take a moment and just look at it in detail. My how far we've come.
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    I've got one. $1800. The SSP3000A and Vision SLR are included free.
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    Wanted Whelen CANCTL7

    @srulir whatcha got?
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    Do LAPD still use vehicles from the 2000s?

    It has been my observation that LAPD uses whatever still runs and hasn't become a maintenance headache. I can remember 1997 Crown Victorias still operating in 2008, so don't be surprised what you see in Los Angeles. It's all about the budget, baby.
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    Wanted Whelen CANCTL7

    Looking for a working Whelen CANCTL7 control head. This is the 21-button + Slide Switch unit. Please PM. Thank you!
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    For Sale Federal Signal Vision SLR & SSP3000A

    Still available! Surely someone wants this bar. I'm just over it and going to a Liberty.
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    For Sale Whelen CenCom Gold with Control Head, no mic - Used

    I bought two of these from him, they arrived FAST and were exactly as described, nice complete new wiring, all of it. Stellar deal.
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    For Sale Federal Signal Vision SLR & SSP3000A

    I've decided to sell the Vision SLR and SSP3000A on my truck. Moving to a Whelen product. Lightbar needs a replacement amber pod, and a replacement multi-color pod. The amber pod is slow to start up, the multicolor pod has the amber LEDs out. Configured as follows: 3 amber-only pods, 4...
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    For Sale TRADE: Whelen Single Avenger & Spitfire Ion Dash Lights R/B - Like New

    I've still got these things... Somebody make a cash or trade offer?
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    Need help picking light bar for brush truck

    I bought a 1997 F-Superduty (F450) a few months ago and am converting it to a brush truck. I went with an Edge 9000 and never looked back. Cheap, functional, reliable, and easy to find parts for.
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    Open Dispute.

    I wouldn't be surprised. Server space with a hosting company that has reasonable uptime and a decent connection is not inexpensive. I think it is unfair to make an accusation that someone's turning a profit on this. However, absentee site owners are definitely a serious problem. I thought...
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    Open Dispute.

    I think it's important to remember that there are hosting costs for this site that are probably more expensive than you think. I don't know anything about the politics of the site as I'm a returning user from a long time ago, however I doubt the owner is turning all that huge a profit off of the...
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    For Sale TRADE: Whelen Single Avenger & Spitfire Ion Dash Lights R/B - Like New

    Selecting TRADE doesn't seem to be an option... Anyway, if you just want to BUY them, make an offer but I'd prefer a trade. Read on. I have a Whelen Single Avenger and Spitfire Ion dash lights available. They are red/blue. These things are basically new out of the box, it doesn't look like they...
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    For Sale Whelen legacy duo heads 250.00

    Are these used for corners? I'm new to the DUO stuff.
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    Positive Great deal with RecElect!

    Bought a couple of CenCom Gold units from RecElect, absolutely as described and fast shipping, great communications, a real pleasure! Thanks!

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