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    SoundOff nFORCE nxt Lightbar

    They took something that's already insane level bright and made it brighter? Trio allys intersector inspired corners this new nforce bar is going to be a legit beast
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    Ford/whelen PTW flasher pinout

    It's all good managed to fix the flasher it just killed the switching transistor I've since wired the channels to drive relays no issues since (PTWs are positive switching normal flashers are negative switching) its now working buy with an old-school relay clicking it works pretty good too :)
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    Update to use the Ford PTWs to drive the modules you have to have a positive switching flasher or they will steady burn I used a ULF22 flasher to drive 2 relays one on each channel this runs the modules as normal I hope this helps out those who are having a hard time with these modules
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    HHS USB Type

    It's USB type c
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    Adding arrow heads on traffic arrow

    SWS titan traffic advisor Whelen cencom sapphire TA
  6. Da-Sarge

    Adding arrow heads on traffic arrow

    Does anyone know how hard it would be to add the arrows to a normal traffic advisor? I've got an 8 head traffic adviser but looking to add the additional heads for traffic arrow
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    Wanted Purple dash lights or minibar

    These actual purple leds or white behind lense?
  8. Da-Sarge

    FS legend rebuild questions

    Hello all I got a tow truck with a towmans federal signal legend lightbar that is dim as all heck and very minimal in population has anyone ever put whelen 500s into the legend chassis before they look like they will fit inside the bar but not sure ide like to find out if it's possible or not...
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    Wanted White nforce light heads

    Hello all I'm looking for 2 white nforce light heads surface mounts or deck mount as long as it's waterproof for outside use I'm good Let me know if you got a pair for a reasonable price and just to be advised I'm located in canada so if anyone in canada got anything it would be great but open...
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    Can you synchronize multiple Liberty I/O boards?

    Would a duo wecan liberty io board run on the same wecan channel as a solo wecan board? Would be interesting
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    Ford/whelen PTW flasher pinout

    Does anyone out there know the pinout for the ford/whelen PTW flasher I have one that ide like to use on my PTWs (retrofitted to another vehicle) I had a ULF22 wired to them that has one channel now dead and I got this ford flasher sitting here it's a 6 pin connector like the ULF22 could it be...
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    For Sale Whelen housings

    Cool I'll send you a PM
  13. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Purple dash lights or minibar

    ok thats one dash light im still in need of a couple more if anyone can help please let me know dash lights or minibars or even beacons will work
  14. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Purple dash lights or minibar

    Hello everyone I've recently started working with my local funeral homes to get them setup with some purple lighting does anyone have anything preferably LED but strobe or halogen will work

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