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    Screws snapped in ions

    As the title says I've got some ions I'm trying to reuse but the problem is the screws are cracked off into the head any clue how to mount them these things are pretty pricy new here so I don't know if drilling the screws out is too risky so any help is a godsend
  2. Da-Sarge

    Liberty 1 DUO I/O board aux port info

    Does anyone know the location of the aux port on a duo liberty 1 i/o board? I'm looking at using the aux port to turn on a relay for some scene lights being mounted just below the bar in rear front and ends Just using it as an easy way to integrate the lights into the current wecan control
  3. Da-Sarge

    Wanted Whelen mini century magnet mount kit

    I'm looking for a magnet mount kit including feet for a century mini bar if anyone can help please PM or reply here
  4. Da-Sarge

    Help identifying this whelen light

    These still being made I wonder? Very cool info I appreciate it :)
  5. Da-Sarge

    Help identifying this whelen light

    Headboard must be a surface mount front becon type light for a service truck body or dump truck were these only amber or were they blue as well? Very interesting light for sure
  6. Da-Sarge

    Help identifying this whelen light

    Edge cap is different but it's possible
  7. Da-Sarge

    Help identifying this whelen light

    Can anyone identify this whelen light? It's got 3 400 series lights in it it's a surface mount I've got it on its way to me but looking for more details about it any info would be a great help
  8. Da-Sarge

    Upfitting 2017 toyota corolla

    I have someone with a 2017 toyota corolla they don't want any drilling but need to have a Whelen liberty 1 installed and a traffic advisor in the rear window any help would be great or someone who can make straps to mount the bar
  9. Da-Sarge

    Edge 9M mini wiring help

    Admins please lock answer now found :)
  10. Da-Sarge

    For Sale Code 3 420 mini lightbar D-tech rotators

    Likewise if u still have this please inbox me ide gladly have it :)
  11. Da-Sarge

    Edge 9M mini wiring help

    Your a legend very much appreciated :)
  12. Da-Sarge

    Need help identifing these items from Sound Off.

    You have some nforce surface mounts and nforce fit heads very great heads I use them myself shoot me a PM if your looking to sell any :)
  13. Da-Sarge

    Edge 9M mini wiring help

    I have an edge 9m mini 4 strobe with front takedowns and allys I can get the 4 strobes going but don't know what wires get the allys and takedowns to flash or turn on It's only got one big cable containing all the wires Gray and white with blue tracer gets the strobes front and back flashing...

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