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    Sappire driving 2 different light bar boards

    I personally have a liberty solo board and a liberty duo board my guess is it will probably do the same thing your freedom and liberty combo is but I'm not sure it would be cool to have it work
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    Wanted Wanted Code 3 mx7000

    Hello all I'm looking for a code 3 mx with clear domes and sweeps for a reasonable price preferably located in canada looking for it with a centre osolator or rotator red and blue with sweeps and allys and takedowns I'm looking for a bar for my father as he's a retired Police officer that would...
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    Vintage Catalogs:Yankee

    What year was the 358 becon available I'm curious I have one in blue it's a neat little light
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    WeCan sync?

    I think they use LC bars for those trucks but you would think that you could have more then one bar look at euro setups and some van setups often got dual bars
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    Sappire driving 2 different light bar boards

    Has anyone ever tried running more then one liberty i/o boards off of the wecan port of a cencom sapphire I have a duo liberty 1 wecan and a solo wecan liberty 1 i/o board I'm wondering can these both be ran off of the wecan port on the sappire? I'm looking to run the solo board to run parameter...
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    WeCan sync?

    Has anyone figured out for sure of you can run 2 wecan i/o boards off of a sappire? I personally got a wecan duo liberty and a solo wecan liberty i/o board that I'm wondering if the wecan port can run them both say programming the solo as an inner edge or something?
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    Whelen responder flasher question

    I don't have the flashers yet they need to be purchased
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    Whelen responder flasher question

    Details are as follows Lights are mostly whelen but there's a couple of federal signal and soundoff signal lights as well It's installed on a ford escape Lights have already been installed but all are running off their internal flashers and it's a messy disco ball lol Side window heads...
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    Whelen responder flasher question

    You know of anything? Ide like something that I can sync and control using their cencom sapphire outputs
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    Whelen responder flasher question

    Hello all I'm wondering how many heads can be driven off each port on a Whelen responder minibars flasher I'm considering using a couple for parameter lighting on an SUV it's got 2 duo heads (amber white) and 2 white heads and 6 amber heads as well as 4 amber hideaways they need control of white...
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    Wanted Whelen outer edge wecan i/o module

    I'm looking for the I/O module for a wecan outer edge duo if anyone might have one for a solo or duo with the harnesses please reply or inbox me vehicle model don't matter as long as it works and will be good for a cencom sapphire
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    For Sale WHELEN STUFF - LINZ6 - VERTEX - IONs - Microns - Ford/Whelen HAW

    Any amber or blue lin 6 heads? Or ULF44 flashers?
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    SoundOff nFORCE nxt Lightbar

    They took something that's already insane level bright and made it brighter? Trio allys intersector inspired corners this new nforce bar is going to be a legit beast
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    Ford/whelen PTW flasher pinout

    It's all good managed to fix the flasher it just killed the switching transistor I've since wired the channels to drive relays no issues since (PTWs are positive switching normal flashers are negative switching) its now working buy with an old-school relay clicking it works pretty good too :)

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