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    digital ally video manager cd

    I know this is digging up the past. Iv got a DVM500 and need some software. Where's the best place to download from? Iv emailed digitalally and waiting on a reply still.
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    For Sale Federal Signal Smart Siren SS2000SM [No Longer Available]

    Im interested. could you post a photo of the control panel during daytime.
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    For Sale Feniex Cobra 600

    Is this still available?
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    For Sale 12 Volt Map Light

    You using PayPal yet? If so I will take all 4.
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    Fire Department alerting system

    Hi members So I work on a military base in Afghanistan as the comm center manager for ARFF and structural/domestic fire department. I have been tasked with upgrading our comm center and I am at the stage of finding a new alerting system/crash alarm/public address system. We would require the...
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    Demo Feniex Cobra 800's [Deleted]

    $190 for both? or each?
  7. daniel_medic

    For Sale Whelen dual avenger II duo

    Could you send over some more pics and possibly a video if you have, also what mountings does it come with?
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    For Sale Fed sig littlite gooseneck lamp halogen

    Are they red/white or white with a changeable lens thats red?
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    Fusion Stick Amp Draw

    Ran a few tests before installing my 2 x 600s and yes only 4A per bar. Mine are only single color but I doubt the dual color draws more as the colors are not on at the same time. they are either one or the other color. you cant have a red/white unit produce both colors at once otherwise you...
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    4200 programming help

    You are programming the head right?

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