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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Hatzolah Recovery Services
  2. Dave F

    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    welp, there it is, the most ridiculous thing ive seen all week ok month maybe year
  3. Dave F

    Galls Catalog (1989)

    $25 for a fireball??? $99 for a reconditioned aero? sheesh very cool. thanks for postin this
  4. Dave F

    Code 3 RX2700 dim module problem

    check the ground and power wires first to ensure a good connection, both at the head and the control board. worst case scenario we have a member here that replaced diodes on burned out heads: wilsonbr
  5. Dave F

    Jet Series Dome restoration and Paint question

    painting it how? I tint the tops of my domes, when I do I use VHT night shades spray on tint
  6. Dave F

    Whackers Anonymous

    If you have a dispute with an active member and the transaction was done on eLb, please create a thread in the “transaction dispute” area. Any further comments on that dispute will be deleted as off topic
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    Ultra lo budget 53" TurboBeam

    your description is priceless
  8. Dave F

    Wanted Code 3 Hot Feet light

    he wouldnt need to replace the assembly: its an H3 bulb inside
  9. Dave F

    For Sale Clear Federal signal model 14 domes. F2

    To clarify: are you not selling these at the price listed in the ad? As that what that message seems to imply
  10. Dave F

    Need flasher help!

    if you want slow, with the option to flash/steady the takedowns, perhaps use a Code 3 940 halogen flasher ? you’ll have only one pattern, slow wig wag, but it would accomplish your goal
  11. Dave F

    Dashmiser question

    yes the dashmiser halogen flashers will fit inside and power the heads perfectly, as ive used this method myself before. most standard halogen flasher will work with LED heads barring electromechanical, leds dont draw enough power for the the heads to flash with one of them
  12. Dave F

    Ecto 1 Rebuild

    when i saw the vid was 15-16 min long i wasnt going to watch the whole thing, just FF to the final reveal but the nerd in me started watching and well, i just couldnt help myself they did an amazing job on her, must have been like stepping into (or sitting into ) a time machine for Akroyd...
  13. Dave F

    Wanted Feniex Python 4X

    PM sent

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