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    For Sale (2) Feniex Dual Color (A/W) New in Package [Deleted]

    Please update ad with pictures of the actual items for sale
  2. Dave F

    Wanted Whelen 500 Series Strobe Lenses

    So we can better suit your needs: the picture you show is for a TIR lighthead; what color lens are you looking for? and what style optic? TIR have the vertical as shown, strobe have horizontal, and theres also a non-optic lens, as well as a halogen option.
  3. Dave F

    Looking for a new duty flashlight

    i carry the streamlight protac HL 3; 3 settings (high strobe and low power) . its unbeliebably bright on high, disarming on strobe, and perfect for standard night ops on low. it also features a clip on the handle which is allows for hands free use, which had come in handy (pun intended)...
  4. Dave F

    Wanted Blue Whelen 500 LIN6 Smart heads

    sorry Chad I need 4 wire smart heads, not 2 wire liberty ones
  5. Dave F

    Older feneix light Id.

    feniex cobra dummy heads
  6. Dave F


    Only members active in the dispute to post, please, if you have an active dispute with the member please submit a report
  7. Dave F

    Announcement Why Not?

    i mind it fwiw
  8. Dave F

    And with this post I bequeath this site my #10,000

    smashing good show old chap
  9. Dave F

    Whelen mini Freedom question

    From the looks of it you have a Whelen internal economy flasher, versus an IO board as you stated, which is what that plug is for. To add/flash more heads you can either add another flasher internally or upgrade to an IO board
  10. Dave F

    Mini Vector (Federal Signal)

    sparky_911 just nabbed one in an auction haul, not sure what his plans are for it but wouldnt hurt to ask em
  11. Dave F

    This isn't where I parked.

    Couldnt have said it better myself Pete Welcome sir
  12. Dave F

    My custom led rotator

    what he said, very nicely done
  13. Dave F

    Wanted Whelen Liberty boxes for shipping

    ive gone to uhaul and purchased the “wardrobe” boxes and cut them down. theyre strong and large enough please note this is my personal experience and not a site endorsement of any kind

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