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    Legend LED chips / segments

    depends on the generation. IIRC, I believe the original LGD bars used Cree, but the LPX bars us Lumaleds.
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    Galls Traffic Backer - Not for Ford Use?

    It was a very real situation. When the CHMSL brake light flashed, the vehicle could be pulled out of park and into gear without your foot on the brake. Soon thereafter, all Traffic Backers only flashed the regular brake lights - not the CHMSL. Galls Traffic Backers were re-branded from Sound...
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    Wanted Whelen EDGE Red Lenses, all types.

    Do you have any idea what length lenses you need? Some bars have TD and flashers in certain spots...
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    Galls Catalog (1989)

    I remember the AD bars - that was my first year working and the owner would buy them by the truckload and we would clean them up, put new bulbs cables, and domes, and ship as many as we could. They went fast and there was always a waiting list. I rebuilt a couple hundred one summer.
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    Wanted Looking for discontinued lenses

    If you cant find the replacement lenses, you should be able to replace the entire light. I stock the Bus-style LED light head in blue... PM me for more info.
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    Wanted I know this is Whelen...but?

    I have NOS Edge 900 lenses - blue and red. Several lengths, I think the longest are 18". Will that help?
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    What is a true manufacturing company? Is It Star/SVP?

    One of the two US brands that are very vertically integrated from a manufacturing perspective.... they make the majority of their own products with little outsourcing.
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    Replacing FedSig Legend LEDs

    Contact Wilsonbr90 above - he is the expert.
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    Wanted Need 4 HAW(2 red and 2 white) rush

    Link: Federal Signal In-line Corner LED Kit New FedSig kit, incl two heads, cables, in-line flasher, $89 kit red/red and white/white in-stock, can ship today if you let me know by 4pm ET
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    Wanted LED minibar or two LED beacons- amber

    Will a HighLighter LED work?
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    FleetWorks clearance sale

    clearance list updated - more stuff coming soon!
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    Wanted 8 Strobe Hide Away

    I have (2) FedSig 4-head kits available: #416127
  13. dcb

    Terrible experience with whelen repairs Dept

    Yeah, but I have NOS parts that are 25+ years old. How would the mfg warrant some of these products that are no longer made?
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    Changing the pattern on the Valor lightbar?

    What controller are you using?

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