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    Federal Signal Vista Question

    Thanks, Benno.
  2. dg0223

    Federal Signal Vista Question

    Good day, Gentlemen. The Federal Signal Vista has one model, the XBROT6, that has one outboard rotator assembly on either side and two inboard rotators in the inboard position for a total of three rotators per side. Does anybody have a picture of a three rotator per side Vista in their...
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    Beacon Ray model 17 blue

    I'm sure my comment won't be looked at favorably, but threads like this always make me scratch my head. These are similar to those people who go on shows like Pawn Stars, expecting whatever the item is they bring in is worth some insane amount of money, then when they realize the item isn't...
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    Rate my future install

    Don't forget, just because you can put lights in every crevice of your car doesn't mean you should. You don't want your Passport to look like a fire truck humped an ambulance. Sometimes more isn't better — it's just more.
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    Updating rear lights what to use?

    What's a "night time op?" Sometimes more isn't better, it's just more. If you don't need all those lights so you can be seen on your "night time op," just keep it simple.
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    911ep STAR 360 perm to mag discussion

    So what's the lesson of the day? Next time, just buy exactly what you're looking for rather than something you have to modify that's "close enough."
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    AWL bar issue

    I'm going to have to echo the sentiments of the others who have already posted on here. First of all, the lightbar stops working in August, yet you feel compelled to write about it three months later? And you choose to post it on the site rather than contact the company? I would strongly suggest...
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    Wanted Refurbishing a FedSig Jetsonic full size....Need Parts

    Instead of speculating, it would probably be better if you just posted pictures of what it is you have. I have several Jet parts, but it's difficult to know what you need when you're just guessing what it is you have.
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    Wanted Whelen LIN12 Amber Extended Corner for Liberty Wanted

    I am trying to come in lower than that price point, Joe. If I can't find one cheaper, I'll look you up. Thank you for replying. I really don't want to spend that much on one module with I was able to score the entire mini bar shipped for 150.
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    Changing Flash Patterns on a Mini Liberty

    Just like the title says, Gents, How do you change the flash patterns on a base model, 4 corner LED Mini Liberty? Thank you for your help.
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    Positive Positive Purchase from Rescue 1

    I'll keep it short. Excellent seller. Unbelievably reasonable price. Good shipping. Good communication. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Thank you very much, Rescue 1
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    Wanted Whelen LIN12 Amber Extended Corner for Liberty Wanted

    Hello. I am looking for ONE Whelen Lin12 Amber Extended Corner module for a mini Liberty. Please come at me cheap. Thank you.
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    Wanted Older Model Mini Liberty Wanted

    Anybody have an old Liberty lying around they'd like to get rid of?
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    Pancake-Style LED Light?

    Nice. That 360*Star looks cool. So does that L32.
  15. dg0223

    Whackers gonna whack

    @ronaconda So, you want to split hairs over the use of the term whacker, yet you'd rather use a term like "mentally ill" when so many people suffer from legitimate mental illness? That's not a problem. You can choose to use whatever term you would like to use. You don't have to agree with...

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