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    Well, I'm done with code 3 products,

    They actually told you you shouldn't have lost it? Well, that's some awesome customer service right there.
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    Classic light bar recommendation

    Excalibur for lowest profile, MX7000 for a taller bar. Anything older would look out of place. Those Code 3 options would still look appropriate for the vintage of the truck.
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    I tinted my Libby.

    Not a fan of the tint.
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    Dietz 9-51 deck lights CHP

    My thoughts, exactly.
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    Mini Vision SLR Question

    It probably is just the angle. It wouldn't make any sense for them to make a two pod.
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    Mini Vision SLR Question

    A quick question on the small version of the Federal Signal Vision SLR. I was noticing the NYPD Smart Car fleet has a three pod version of the SLR, but in some pictures, like the first one below, it appears as if it is a two-pod SLR. Is this something that was custom made for the NYPD?
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    Often, simple is better.....

    Sometimes more isn't better, it's just more. I have never been a fan of cars that have multiple lighting levels, lights all over the side of the car, a lightbar, visor lights, a dashboard light, lights in the grill, lights in the headlights, and lights in the fog lights. I get a lot of people...
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    LAPD Aerodynic on the bay

    Emergency lighting collecting in general has gone through the roof. I remember when you used to be able to find old, retired lightbars at flea markets and junkyards for 25-50 dollars a piece. I get there used to be rare bars that would command a higher price, but you could get a lot of good...
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    Restored 1988 & 1996 Houston PD cars

    I don't think it's anybody's concern whether or not you have "permission" from the chief, since you aren't breaking any laws in restoring a vintage police car. Second, they look great. Third, is it just the lighting, or is the 1988 a lighter shade of blue than the 1996? Or is it just the...
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    NEED HELP! Military poser

    I realize I am arriving to this party a little late, but I'd like to throw in some facts rather than the "off with his head" opinion that many on here have. It really matters little what you may, or may not, think of this person. The simple fact is the Stolen Valor Act has been declared...
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    What's this worth?

    And it's definitely a shop-made, after-the-car-entered-service install. The 77-78 in the picture I posted has the rear deck lights. The rear deck lights were only installed in cars that were slicktops. Cars with lightbars didn't have the rear deck red/amber lights.
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    What's this worth?

    That's what I was thinking. And @CrownVic97, I didn't even think to look at the reflection in the hood. With the OP being from Wyoming, it would stand to reason this might have been a CHP bar that found its way east a bit.
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    What's this worth?

  14. dg0223

    What's this worth?

    At first I thought you had found a CHP-style A-Bar, but I was wrong. It looks as if this shop-made CHP bar was not one single can light back and front, but two separate lights per side.
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    Twinsonic CTS1S

    Well if it flashes to the front, it'd certainly have to be called something other than a CTS. That's all I'm saying.

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