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    Allentown Spring Melt Fireshow 2019

    Really hoping to make it with @Bvfa23 for the Flea market again this year...all depends on how our trip home from FDIC on Saturday goes...
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    For Sale Lots of lights and domes

    Id be interested in the PCDS-9,Jetsonic, and MX7000/Excalibur
  3. Doyle257

    For Sale Lots of lights and domes

    I'd be interested in the PCDS-9
  4. Doyle257

    Wanted Whelen Liberty "NEW" lens kit "BLUE"

    I have a previously enjoyed one in good condition...
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    Wanted Need Liberty parts...

    Need the following for a Liberty conversion: - 4 Standard AMBER LED corners - 4 LIN4 AMBER modules. Post and PM
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    2019 Product Release...

    Looks to be the size of the 4200, with possibly a Rotary knob?
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    2019 Product Release...

    Intrigued on a few things...
  8. Doyle257

    2019 Product Release...

    it goes live in about 15 min...
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    OFFICIAL New ECTO-1 Reboot Discussion Thread

    wait...MySpace is still a thing?!?!
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    Feniex Beacon

    thats good to know. I have a brand new one sitting in the box...not only because I dont have a mag mount for it, but its also Amber...
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    Best & Brightest

    Cannons are your best bang for your buck, IMO. in my taillights, I replaced the reverse light bulb with color/white cannon 360's, to get a better fill on the reflector than the 120's:
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    2012 Silverado Code 3 and Feniex Build

    Got my first few runs in yesterday, and last night with the new Siren and Bar. 3 EMS and 1 Oven Fire. A few observations: - Howler overpowers and drowns out Siren - Fusion 400 stick needs to be swapped for a dual color. Good thing I just bought one. - I hate the pattern on the back of the bar...
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    Wiring older siren/controller to new controller??

    for a siren/controller combination...yes.
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    Wiring older siren/controller to new controller??

    As long as the siren has a Power input, and uses trigger wires to activate a tone, you can use it without a problem. If the siren requires the output of the controller to run the siren, then a Relay will be required. Each output on the 4200 is good for 5a

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