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    Building a Boston PD XL9000 Vlone- Need Assistance!

    The takedowns/alleys and flasher stuff shouldnt be to hard to find.........i dont believe anyways. i had a clear xl5000 but sold both domes awhile ago, and no its red/red after being domeless for about 5 years (being unemployed kinda put a damper on stuff for me). Now i have an SD bar that ive...
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    Building a Boston PD XL9000 Vlone- Need Assistance!

    Boston pd had a split dome and a regular blue dome, but expect to pay dearly for a blue dome (IF you can find one). dont think you need blue filters with a BPD bar.i think the ends just flashed white with the endcaps being white (unless i missed something :) )
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    Lost an awesome friend :(

    Friends of the family are getting bracelets done up for $5.00, im getting 4 of them. heres a picture of what they look like.
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    Lost an awesome friend :(

    30 + years in the fire service, and also worked in the ICU of the hospital
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    Lost an awesome friend :(

    It is with deep regret i post the passing of an awesome guy, chief, dad, husband, crew chief and firefighter from a local department. car 33 otherwise known as steve beebe passed away this morning at a local hospital ICU with liver failure. I met steve when he worked at a local fire equipment...
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    Wanted MX7000 Parts

  7. EHFD_Tower_751

    Wanted MX7000 Parts

    I have them
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    For Sale NOS Whelen Dashmiser Plus 2 Strobe R/W

    Theres a little difference between your model and the 52 series.......52 series are a little shorter than 500 series
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    For Sale NOS Whelen Dashmiser Plus 2 Strobe R/W

    Will agree.......52 and 500 series lenses and lightheads are different (although i have seen both 52 and 500 series lenses that are the same :)
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    Availability on 911EP Galaxy?

    If you need parts i have about 4 boxes of galaxy parts lol
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    Code 3 LED X 2100 questions

    I have a narrowstick controller
  12. EHFD_Tower_751


    Can someone tell me HOW ebay thinks it will cost $42.50 to ship JUST 2 of the mx7000 lower flasher/takedown lightheads?? they probaly wouldnt cost more than $10 to ship. couldnt find the ad, but found this one......almost $13.00 to ship one??
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    For Sale Mx7000 lenses

    SOLD on facebook group!!!!!!! now to get these other mx stuff sold
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    Wanted Lp6000 part

    Thread can be removed/deleted. per a post i did on a facebook group, this bar didnt have one (i thought it did.....oopsie)
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    Wanted Lp6000 part

    Tossing this out to the masses, but would anyone happen to have the metal strip for the shorter lp6000 lightbar and the screws to secure it?? or should i just make my own......doesnt look like it would be to hard to make, but i would rather have a factory one. i got this from a local guy for...

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