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  1. EHFD_Tower_751

    Junkyard haul......again

    Nothing really spectacular but for $20 for everything i think i did pretty damn awesome. 1 pair of mirror beams Rear license plate bracket with lin3s?? Behind grill set up with 911 signal leds 6 lin3s?? (I think) 1 havis console 1 unknown console (code 3??) 1 code 3 c3100 siren speaker 1 police...
  2. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Rx2700/ledx2100 parts

    Bumping to now include 3 additional lower domes and lowering the price to $75 for everything BUT NOW ASKING PICK UP ONLY!!!!!!
  3. EHFD_Tower_751

    STL quality

    Some Trashy Lights ALTHOUGH i do have one thing from STL and will say its decent lighting, its one on their visor bars in all blue that i got from a friend of mine on a local vfd.
  4. EHFD_Tower_751

    Positive Again for phoenix_rising

    Bought 4 rotators and sweeps from dave from an mx he was parting out, and a switchbox and arrived today (slight delay due to his crazy schedule), packaged nicely and also included a few extra things like he sometimes does. For the record.......i didnt send him $4.50 and a giftcard for the...
  5. EHFD_Tower_751

    SOLD Code 3 switchbox

    I give $4.50 and a gift card lol
  6. EHFD_Tower_751

    Positive Buy from chelle

    Recently bought the blue rx lower domes she had for sale and they arrived today........WOW would be the only word to describe them lol Communication and packaging were awesome, hope to do more business with again
  7. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Rx2700/ledx2100 parts

    Checking to see if anyone is interested in this lot of rx2700/ledx2100 stuff. Currently have: 3 lowers for a 47” bar 4 outers upper flat tops 3 11” centers 2 red corner modules 1 red and 1 blue front/rear modules All are used but can possibly be made better looking with polish and wetsand...
  8. EHFD_Tower_751

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    Someone must be smoking some awesome shit :)
  9. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Whelen liberty leds

    30 shipped for all ??
  10. EHFD_Tower_751

    Where do I even begin?

    If the liberties and rx bars are like mine, simple 12 volts is all they need, the top bar im clueless on.
  11. EHFD_Tower_751

    Who wants to guess??

    Well a little update on my twinsonic model 12 bar. The truck this bar was on mustve been left out for a LONG time. The domes are so brittle even the least amount of pressure holding them makes the domes crack all the way through (ugh). 2 bulbs are blown, speaker tray is metal, motor is either...
  12. EHFD_Tower_751

    Who wants to guess??

    Couldnt agree with you more on this statement :) So far its the 3rd awesome deal, first bar was a 6’ advantEDGE off an ambulance they had for $30, second was a highriser bar for $30 and now the twin for $25 (and an asthma attack lol)
  13. EHFD_Tower_751

    Who wants to guess??

    Most of mine are all fullsize bars
  14. EHFD_Tower_751

    Who wants to guess??

    Yup lol. I havent torn into it due to in process of moving after suffering water dame from a broken sprinkler head in the apartment above me. Not looking forward to moving 86 emergency lights though
  15. EHFD_Tower_751

    Who wants to guess??

    Who wants to guess what i paid for it from my local salvage yard?? Was a bitch taking off but it cost me not alot and it caused me to have an asthma attack though

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