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    Wanted Federal Signal SignalMaster controller

    I have one but it doesnt have the 4 buttons
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    Wanted ISO Amber Halogen Mini Bar

    I have a highlighter but it currently has no dome or magnets
  3. EHFD_Tower_751

    2 more for the collection

    i like both bars :) (bonus points for the hawk, cause i like the hawks)
  4. EHFD_Tower_751


    Thank you :) i had a feeling it was too til i did some scrounging
  5. EHFD_Tower_751


    The only thing that i found that was close is the federal signal micropulse300U
  6. EHFD_Tower_751


    trying to help a friend identify it, but only thing i can find similar is a fedsig micropulse HELP!!!!!!!!!
  7. EHFD_Tower_751

    Got an old AreoDynic for free

    I have a set of ambers in great shape, just has scratches and scuffs for the mx bar
  8. EHFD_Tower_751

    Twinsonic Mode 12EV

    Must be smoking some good stuff to expect $300 for a vista :)
  9. EHFD_Tower_751

    Code 3 Force 4 LP

    One thing i noticed is the xl5000 and 9000 are wired just about the same as the lp6000, if you have either of those bars then just look at how the wires go :)
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    For Sale Whelen liberty parts

    Lock please :)
  11. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Whelen liberty parts

    Still available
  12. EHFD_Tower_751

    Arjent Question

    Requires serial interface module........same as legend led bars.

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