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    Positive purchase from tsquale

    Bought aerodynic parts from Tony. Transaction went well, no issues!
  2. empire5150

    Positive Positive Sale to tsquale

    Sold Tony a Jet series endcap. Perfect as always!
  3. empire5150

    Wanted Dual talon shroud

    I have a NOS shroud, mounting bracket and suction cups kit available...
  4. empire5150

    Anyone see the NOS ADL NYPD spec aero on ebay?

    Saw this on ebay and was wondering what the story was on it. Its basically NYPD spec but in the newer ADL independent version. I don't know much about the later independent aero stuff so I thought Id see what everyone knows in general or might know about this bar in particular?
  5. empire5150

    Wanted Whelen MK9S Stud mounts
  6. empire5150

    Federal Signal question

    Can anyone tell me if the federal signal arjent LED modules are the same as the vision SL LED modules? Thanks......
  7. empire5150

    Wanted LAPD Aerodynic center mirror

    I have both mirrors. I recently got in a complete LAPD bar and it may need to Just be parted out due to a couple issues. PM me your budget and ill decide if I will part it out or not.....
  8. empire5150

    Wanted aerodynic amber section

    I'd be open to an offer....
  9. empire5150

    Wanted aerodynic amber section

    I have 1 new amber half panel....
  10. empire5150

    Wanted Wanted: Jetsonic Series A

    I have one exactly like the pic you posted for sale....
  11. empire5150

    Federal Signal JetSonic question

    ok, thanks guys!
  12. empire5150

    Wanted Red TwinSonic dome

    Standard used red twinsonic dome needed. No cracks. Thank you!
  13. empire5150

    Federal Signal JetSonic question

    I was wondering about the filters in a JetSonic. When the bar was new and if it came with the 1 or 2 strobe option, did it have the fluted filters over the strobe light(s) or were they the normal non fluted ones? I didn't know if the fluted style filter was even in production yet or if they were...
  14. empire5150

    Wanted Large Grote 76245 (7624) blue beacon

    If you decide you can use the smaller one (7620) I have a blue one with original blue dome in like new condition....

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