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    Wanted Federal Signal Streethawk top speaker cover

    Looking for the longer version streethawk top speaker cover. Thank you.
  2. empire5150

    Wanted Aerodynic 24E(A)H or 24ME(A)H

    It just sold this morning about an hour ago...
  3. empire5150

    Wanted Aerodynic 24E(A)H or 24ME(A)H

    Tried to send email but it says undeliverable.
  4. empire5150

    Wanted FS 184 shaft

    I have this also...
  5. empire5150

    Wanted looking for Federal Signal Beacon Ray Model 11 clear domes

    I have these. PM if still needed...
  6. empire5150

    Wanted 'Jet' inserts

    I have 7 full size red filters available....
  7. empire5150

    Wanted Aerodynic domes or segments

    I have some red and a clear
  8. empire5150

    Wanted Aerodynic 24E(A)H or 24ME(A)H

    I have 2 24eah bars
  9. empire5150

    Positive purchase from tsquale

    Bought aerodynic parts from Tony. Transaction went well, no issues!
  10. empire5150

    Positive Positive Sale to tsquale

    Sold Tony a Jet series endcap. Perfect as always!
  11. empire5150

    Wanted Dual talon shroud

    I have a NOS shroud, mounting bracket and suction cups kit available...
  12. empire5150

    Anyone see the NOS ADL NYPD spec aero on ebay?

    Saw this on ebay and was wondering what the story was on it. Its basically NYPD spec but in the newer ADL independent version. I don't know much about the later independent aero stuff so I thought Id see what everyone knows in general or might know about this bar in particular?
  13. empire5150

    Wanted Whelen MK9S Stud mounts

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