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    Wanted Federal Signal Red F1 beacon ray dome

    Already did, He was my first step! That's correct..
  2. empire5150

    Wanted Federal Signal Red F1 beacon ray dome

    Looking for a red beacon ray dome F1. Would like New or NOS or very good shape. Thank you.
  3. empire5150

    Wanted Federal Signal Jetsonic jetstream amber endcap filter

    Looking for a solid amber jet series endcap filter, no alley cutout. Thank you!
  4. empire5150


    Hello. I have a front and a rear speaker cover, 2 red dome panels, 1 red endcap and the 2 top chrome strips for the domes.
  5. empire5150

    Wanted Fast speed aerodynic aerohawk rotator assy

    Looking for a NEW / NOS / LIKE NEW, fast speed rotator assy for an independent model aerodynic. Thank you!
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    Wanted FS Streethawk amber lenses and rotator filters

    I have the amber rotator filters new in the package. I had to pay up for them though so they may be too pricey. PM if you cant find them....
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    Tripp Lite Belt driven

    The address he had me ship to is 1683 Dry Fork Rd. Vansant VA 24656. I see he has just closed his FB page where I also posted this...
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    Negative with THIEF J.M.Rife (MATT RIFE)

    This thief contacted me asking to trade a red Tripp light and a mini aerodynic I have for his whelen rotabeam led beacon. I agreed to the trade and we agreed we would both ship on a certain day last week. I shipped out my 2 lights and sent him the tracking number. Then he became busy all of a...
  9. empire5150

    Tripp Lite Belt driven

    So you POS thief J.M.Rife…. You dare to show your face after you stole this Tripp light from me? For all in this post know that this guy is a thief. We made a trade deal, I sent him this light and he didn't send me his. Told me "OH well". WIll also post this in the transaction feedback section.
  10. empire5150

    Wanted Federal Signal Streethawk top speaker cover

    Looking for the longer version streethawk top speaker cover. Thank you.
  11. empire5150

    Wanted Aerodynic 24E(A)H or 24ME(A)H

    It just sold this morning about an hour ago...

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