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    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Feniex Industries?

    Putting all eggs in one basket is classic Feniex. "Fusion is the best of both world!" "Quad is the ultimate light!" "The ONE is the end-all for controllers!" Just focus on having good quality and low prices, that's 97% of what customers want. I feel like they're only listening to the 3%, the...
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    RESOLVED: Fake Profiles in PM

    Not that I don't love free sex...
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    Responder PSE

    Who's the 'him' here?
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    For Sale Older Style Fed Sig Smart Siren

    Price drop/correction: $235
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    For Sale Older Style Fed Sig Smart Siren

    Early edition of the Federal Signal SS2000-SS Smart Siren. Tested, works well, comes with harness and data plug. Runs 1x 58 watt speaker, or 1/2 100 watt speakers. Price: $265 Shipping: $10 anywhere in the US
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    Wanted Led beacon Red mag mount

    I've got new and used Abrams 4" LED beacons, they have magnet bases included.
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    For Sale Whelen CenCom + Feniex Triton

    Whelen CenCom siren system, includes all harnesses and fully functional. Includes a Feniex Triton siren speaker, with L bracket. Price: $260 Shipping: $12 anywhere in the US
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    For Sale Fed Sig 44" Valor - Red/Blue

    Federal Signal Valor lightbar, 44" across. Front is red (driver) and blue (passenger), with override white for flood mode, and the rear is red (driver) and blue (passenger), with amber override for traffic arrow. As shown in the pic, there is one blue/white module out. Otherwise fully...
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    Wanted Whelen SlimLighter Wanted

    I've got a Red/Blue SlimLighter. $80 plus the shipping.
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    Wanted LED Hide aways

    If you're done playing Carlos's weiner, I've got some hideaways in stock. Feel free to PM me.
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    Selling on eBay?

    No domes, no issue. The only problem eBay has with it is that it's identifiably red (or blue, green, purple...anything except amber or white). Remove those, and you're golden.
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    new fusions?

    For a company that modeled itself on 2 things: Innovation, and Cost Effectiveness, they have barely 1 or 2 SKUs per category, and it ain't that cost effective anymore.

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