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    Strobes-N-More intersector license plate bracket

    a picture of what? The ions are the standard ions with the multi-use bracket and double sided tape, and then Grommet mount: Bail Bracket:
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    Strobes-N-More intersector license plate bracket

    So question becomes, how would I mount a pair universal mount ions to this bracket, and just to clarify I already have the ions, otherwise I would just order surface mount ones. It would seem that I would have to either use the grommet mount or the bail bracket mount to effective mount the ions...
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    Strobes-N-More intersector license plate bracket

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever used one of these? Strobes-N-More-Intersector-LED-Bracket Was thinking about trying to grommet mount an Ion on either side for some side/intersection lighting.
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    mobile scanner antenna set up questions

    so it sounds like using the antenna for both my mobile and a scanner is out, since I do use the mobile to transmit. Guess I will look into putting a splitter on my am/fm antenna cable and running the scanner off that antenna
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    mobile scanner antenna set up questions

    Hello all, I have couple of questions related to mobile scanner antenna setups. I am looking to install a uniden bcd996p2 in my 2017 ford explorer xlt. I currently have a vhf mobile in the car and am looking to use the scanner to monitor our local FDs on uhf and then monitor most of my local...
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    Whelen duo heads programing question

    That's what I figured, thanks. Probably will eventually upgrade my set up to include a carbide, but for right now I'm just going with what my agency is giving me
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    Whelen duo heads programing question

    I have a question about programing whelen duo heads. The front of my car is going to be a dual avenger II duo red/white and 4 Ion duos red/white. Can you have a flash pattern for each individual color and a third pattern for both colors combined? What I would like to do is have red and white...
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    2018 Ford Explorer Lighting recommendation

    So I'm in the process of starting my install on my 2017 XLT explorer. Just FYI, you can't do the headlight Ions unless you get the police interceptor utility headlights with ford factory option 86p, the cutouts and brackets for the ions are not in the civilian headlights. I have't looked into...
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    whelen command/carbide programing question

    Brand new at this, so feel free to tell me if I missed something. As I understand it, when you're using carbide, you just set all your lightheads to steady burn and then flash patterns, regular/low power, etc is through the carbide. So if you had a dual avenger II solo you were using in the set...
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    putting agency owned lights in a pov

    So here's a question for you all, if you're agency offered to buy lights and other equipment to install in your pov, would you do it? I was recently elected 2nd Lieutenant of my ambulance corps (equivilant to 2nd assistant chief for most volunteer FDs) and I get to have red lights, siren, etc...
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    best car for upfits

    I agree with you on that, I test drove escapes in that generation the last time I was looking at cars, but being a broke college student at the time, I had to go with the best deal I got which was my honda Absolutely agree with the current generation. I test drove one and felt squeezed in just...
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    best car for upfits

    I am actively in the market for a new car. I also just made Lieutenant at my ambulance corps, which means that in the very near future my new car will be getting a red light package, a siren, and a mobile radio. Anyone have any recommendations on current and semi current vehicles that are...
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    Wanted Used Ions

    Hey guys, looking for a pair of whelen ions, used. Any color will work.
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    scene/work lighting for pov

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for some ideas for a pair of scene/work lights for a pov. The only issues I'm having is the spots I'm looking to mount it are very small. The first spot would require each light to be only 2" by 5", and the second spot would require the light to only be an inch tall. I was...
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    Whelen Avenger II

    if you look at the close up pictures on Facebook, I think there's six on the single. The dual avenger pictured above appears to have 9 LEDs a head, but that may depend on how many colors you have in a head

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