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    Start of my collection | Code 3 MX-7000 LA Sheriff

    Check the internal tags for any special reference to the department in the part number...that adds a ton to the value...
  2. emtanderson51

    Aerodynic Domes Still made? is running out fromwhat Federal is saying...
  3. emtanderson51

    Aerodynic Score

    I tried calling you sir....nice grab...
  4. emtanderson51

    Whelen Super AdvantEdge saved from thrash

    All of the parts in that bar are Whelen including the rotators...
  5. emtanderson51

    Liberty stuff

    I have the heads...may have the 2 cables as well...PM me on FB after 6P
  6. emtanderson51

    Wanted Cal spec interior light (Red/blue)

    I have a R/B NOS Dual Avenger $125 shipped. The red can be set to steady with the blue flashing in Title 13 compliance.
  7. emtanderson51

    Whelen Headliner Inner Edge modules

    You cannot use either. The avenger isn't even a module but rather a lense in front of a board....dual Avengers use a single board for both sides...You need the original Inner Edge LIN6 modules and are snap in
  8. emtanderson51

    Mars Signal Light Co. Arrowflash Skybar Combo SWB-4

    Wow, I mean, what else can you say??
  9. emtanderson51

    Wanted Whelen GRLST Grille Strobes (PAIR)

    As the title states..prefer to trade and I have a LOT of LED clear lenses is a bonus..Thanks!
  10. emtanderson51

    Wanted 184 motor Aerodynic parts

    Email sent Thread updated TY rule
  11. emtanderson51

    Wanted 184 motor Aerodynic parts

    email sent pal
  12. emtanderson51

    Huge lot -SOLD

  13. emtanderson51

    Wanted 184 motor Aerodynic parts

    Looking for a round 184 beacon motor. Same on as seen in the gear driven Aeros. Also need the center plate with both mirrors from the center of a 22I Aero 1 FOUND still need as possible please. Thanks for the help

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