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    Wanted Whelen 900 leds

    Aight yall this maybe a long shot but I'm looking for for 4 whelen 900 smart LEDs. Looking for either 4 r/b split or 2 red 2 blue. They can be colored lenses or clear lenses. They do not have to new I'm perfectly fine with used as my fire company is retrofitting our fire truck with leds from...
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    Wanted sho-me stealth strobe bar

    hey yall i know this may be a long shot but im looking for the housing for a sho-me stealth light bar. Im looking for the vector style housing
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    Wanted fenix apollo brackets

    hey yall im looking for brackets for a set of fenix apollo f6 light heads. can be license plate bracket or l bracket
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    apollo f6 brackets

    is it possible to still get brackets for the apollo. ive got 2 f6 that i need brackets for
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    apollo f6 brackets

    does anyone know if the newer t3 brackets will work with the older apollo f6 light heads
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    Wanted Grill lights

    Hey yall looking for some grill lights that are syncable. Looking for either solid blue or white or split color. I'm retrofitting an old strobe light bar and trying to populate led grill lights
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    For Sale Motorola HT1250 VHF

    still available and are you willing to go any lower for nonrecased
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    For Sale Motorola Hand-Mics

    what radios do these work on im not good with motorola part number
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    Wanted toughbook

    looking for a toughbook with windows xp on it. doesnt need to be touch screen but needs to have wireless card installed. computer is going to be used for radio programming as i currently have a large laptop with windows 7 on it
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    Whelen TIR3 Red or White

    I may still have 1 tir3 red left at home will look tonight when I get in
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    18" traffic advisor - No Longer Available

    if this is still available i will take it
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    Mini led lightbar - No Longer Available

    Sorry the computer I'm using wouldn't load the picture
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    Mini led lightbar - No Longer Available

    what color and is it hardwire or cigar plug
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    whelen inner edge - No Longer Available

    yes it is still available and its mixed. was originally half and half we mixed it up as we didnt like the half and half look
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    whelen inner edge - No Longer Available

    took a look at it again and negative on takedowns

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