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    Star SVP ULB9E

    the site is configured to show what is being looked at the most on the front pages to help with conversions. Ultimately I have to move what moves.
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    Star SVP ULB9E

    Star is one of the most underrated companies on the market. I wish I could sell more of it. People just want the flashier names... but star has been solid for years.
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    Feniex typhoon full function issues

    Only the first generations had the hidden tones
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    Positive Positive buy from Fever, Inc

    Just glad I still had them :) Always a pleasure to help out an ELB member if I can.
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    2020 Ford PIU wiring updates.

    excellent resource
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    Feniex headliner bracket?

    Thats how I started to do it.. the other way to combat that is to drop the headliner then mount the bracket. Then you need to cut a slit in the headliner. The bolt will then also be hidden. Like I said. I hate doing the back windows of trucks. I've been using the window mount brackets, but...
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    I've just discovered the ULTIMATE copy-cop

    yup... in my opinion he's a certified shitbird
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    Feniex Fusion Push Bumper

    And... unless they are directly knocking it off via import, that is the go rhino style.
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    Feniex Fusion Push Bumper

    They are claiming that they are Go Rhino via a partnership with Go Rhino
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    Feniex Fusion Push Bumper

    They are cheaper than Setina... but yah... Feniex is just working with go rhino to 1) sell direct to customers and 2) help out the dealers not working with go rhino. I haven't seen the price list yet though. I'm currently a go rhino dealer so if they are the same price, I'll buy them from...
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    Anyone else get a breakup letter from Feniex?

    I can check to see what your account is currently set for. Just need an email address.
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    Hello from Phoenix! Newbie needs advice

    We don't have such waivers. We have no culpability if someone uses the equipment improperly. That said, there have been people coming in looking for law enforcement colors that I've refused to sell to. We can't control who buys what on our website so that is a losing battle.
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    Feniex headliner bracket?

    We've dropped the headliner, found the brace and mounted the headliner bracket (short piece) to that. Then cut a slit in the headliner for the brackets to come through and drill holes in it for the level at which we want the stick to sit. We then cut off any remaining bracket so there is...
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    Anyone else get a breakup letter from Feniex?

    So a lot of the retailers with other brands simply will never push Feniex. Sirennet, Dana Safety, etc will always push Whelen, FedSig, or SoundOff. In Florida, people would go to Dana for Feniex... get talked into whelen. That’s starting to change because of politics and cronyism and it’s...
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    Anyone else get a breakup letter from Feniex?

    Thanks Abe... Yeah... Wholesale isn’t fun... selling Feniex isn’t exactly fun right now but its pretty much FEVER’s bread and butter. We do have a dealer program too. We’ve been referred a few of the dealers dropped.

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