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    Opinions on a Good solid dash light

    Get the 40°... btw every retailer has the 2x dash lights for 139.
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    Feniex Typhoon interfering with key fob range

    I'd be more interested in the ground. I would temporarily replace the ground by running a ground wire to the battery (this can be done outside of the truck as a temporary setup). If that doesn't work, try the same thing with the power. Run a wire straight from the siren to the battery. I'd...
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    Feniex Typhoon interfering with key fob range

    Where are the connections from the typhoon to the truck?
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    The Arges, anyone have opinions?

    My personal opinion is go light has less that can go wrong. It's tried and true. If we go a couple years without an issue with the Arges I would say go with it. If you plan to ever use a core system, go with Arges. Dollar for dollar, I feel like I get better value out of go light. Most of...
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    The Arges, anyone have opinions?

    They are cool. We've had a few issues with them but they really are cool. pairing them with core gives them some really incredible uses. Go Light really is tried and true. Not really flashing but certainly the standard. We mount them to light bars (Star specifically builds their lightbars...
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    Wanted SoundOff Signal nERGY 400

    the console is significantly cheaper than the remote. Here is the SOS price guide.
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    Feniex typhoon reprogram

    It's been asked... it hasn't been done.
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    Wanted SoundOff Signal nERGY 400

    I’m at $500 plus shipping. Not sure it fits in medium flat rate box via factory packaging. It is an etsa482rsp
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    Wanted SoundOff Signal nERGY 400

    Damn... I have one thats sitting in my inventory but its new. and its the 200 watt so still probably too pricey even at my cost. Good luck in your search.
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    Quad Serial Surface Mount heads...

    They are going to be a different part altogether.
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    FEVER Inc. Eclipse light stick / rocker panel stick

    We can customize any of them. The build time is just longer. We are only stocking limited amounts right now. If you place an order, but want something different, simply make a note at check out or respond to the confirmation email and we can customize it for you.
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    STL Light Flicker using Feniex Module

    What is the amperage draw of the flood light?
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    Is eLightbars dying out?

    You also won't be banned for posting gun stuff here. The site isn't perfect, but it's also not ridiculously nazistic with what they allow. The mods just try to keep things organized the best they can.
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    Is eLightbars dying out?

    Be pissed at me all you want for defending him. But I've also put my money where my mouth is and substantially offered support to the site. It's pretty easy to see which members paid and which didn't. I don't want to see ELB go away. FEVER was born here. It was created in the ELB chat room...
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    Is eLightbars dying out?

    You are probably grossly exaggerating the traffic the site has gotten since the defection to social media sites. Message boards in general are not doing as well as they once have. A niche site like this one really doesn't get much traffic. Additionally, this site hasn't been inundated by ads...

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