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    For Sale New Feniex Surface Mounts

    4 Feniex Surface mounts in blue. All 4 new and never installed. Two fusion 49 degree. Two Apollo 180 degree. $145 shipped 2nd day air.
  2. FEVER

    For Sale 8” Whelen Ambulance lights

    I have two Whelen 8" Round Super-LED Ambulance Interior Lights $110 each. Took one out of the bag just for the pictures. Willing to ship. These are like $150 usually. Excellent for trailers etc. Ever seen how bright it is inside an ambulance?
  3. FEVER

    Headliner bracket

    every feniex dealer sells them. Key with these brackets is preparation. If you don't properly prepare them and support them for 24 hours during the curing process you are doomed to fail
  4. FEVER

    Wanted Wanted - Feniex Pegasus Rear Window Bar Universal Mount Clips

    Pegasus has been gone for a while. I think back then all they made was a dodge charger, chevy impala and ford taurus rear bar. They didn't make a universal model pegasus rear window bar. You might have to find someone that can 3d print something or make an erector set using various brackets...
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    Best Inexpensive Lightheads

    The feniex t3 is probably the cheapest quality light you will find that will steady burn. $29 each plus our standard site discount takes almost $3 off of them.
  6. FEVER

    Wanted 4 Feniex T6 Dummy Lightheads

    I have two red, two amber, several white and several blue in stock. Can test a set for you. If I got them all and they all work $110 shipped?
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    Feniex Dash Light/Surface Mount Package (New)

    2 - Feniex Fusion Surface mounts (blue 40 degree) 1 - Feniex Apollo 1x dash light (Blue 180 degree) All new and never installed. Removed from packing for this picture. $130 shipped!
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    For Sale Feniex Dash Light/Surface Mount Package (New)

    FEVER submitted a new listing: Feniex Dash Light/Surface Mount Package (New) - Originally $207. Now $130 Read more about this listing...
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    Feniex Apollo Dash and Surface Mount Package

    Red Light package deal! Need some side lighting inside your car? Get a dash light as a bonus. Two Feniex Apollo F6 version 1.0 in Red and one Feniex Apollo 1x Dashlight in red for $115! (Original Price $247) All area new and unused.
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    eBay Listing New Tech Lightstorm

    damn I've always loved those bars..
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    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Probably because I have not actually read the thread.. But you are awfully demeaning and clearly you just feel like insulting everyone else because no one is as good as you. Quite frankly that's probably the biggest reason you may have even had an issue on this site to begin with. I stay...
  12. FEVER

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Well what the hell do the rest of the SOS dealers have? I guess SOS lied to me when I was told that's what this software was... :rolleyes::rolleyes: The software is nice... but it's not completely critical for law enforcement. It does make some things easier if used properly, but the...
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    Wanted Apollo F6 red/white

    Literally just sold my last set of the f12 in red/white. Pretty sure we were the last dealer with old stock. Still have 1x dash lights but thats about it. Most of what we have left are blue and blue/amber as far as surface mounts go
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    Time to Retire the ol' Beast

    Stick with the 3rd gen. wish I had kept mine!
  15. FEVER

    Fusion stick heads

    The fusion's are basically surface mounts that have the internal flasher. If you want a truly dummy head from them you'd have to use the heads out of a 400 or up.

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