I started off buying and selling lights and other equipment, and occasionally doing an upfit for myself, my fire department, and a few other small departments and volunteers around my area. I soon became in charge of all emergency warning upgrades and upkeep for my fire department and the local police department.
Since then, I've done several escort vehicles and police cruisers locally.
Jul 24, 1992 (Age: 29)
PA, Washington County
Real Name
John Columbia
Occupation / Affiliation
Police Officer
I am the owner of, and upfitter for, Mon Valley Public Safety Equipment LLC. I am a very small business currently working out of my garage and only do a few installs per year. I also do a lot of ebay and online sales, mostly emergency equipment, but some other random items.

I'm a full time police officer in Allegheny County, PA, just south of Pittsburgh. I'm a firefighter for Stockdale Volunteer Fire Department in Washington County, where I live. I have held titles of Captain, Financial Secretary, and Auditor. I'm a state certified FireFighter I and EMT-B.


Owner/Upfitter: Mon Valley Public Safety Equipment LLC
Police Officer, Captain at Stockdale VFD, PA EMT-B

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