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    New FDNY Seagraves

    @JohnMarcson Very well said…… my vocabulary and writing skills may not have conveyed that message very well.
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    New FDNY Seagraves

    That would be the Seagrave factory that built them, to the specs provided by the FDNY.
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    2021 F250

    Nice and simple. I like it. Nothing wrong with that install. I would happily drive that.
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    Taking me some time to clear room, but I'm adding some videos still

    All of it!!! Lol. When you can of course.
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    Taking me some time to clear room, but I'm adding some videos still

    I was mesmerized by the classic rotators and the center strobe….. then I noticed the lower strobes. Nice set up.
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    New FDNY Seagraves

    I agree. I spent some time spit balling wondering myself. That’s the best I came up with. I would be interested to know what the reason is also. Hopefully somebody on here sees this thread and replies.
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    New FDNY Seagraves

    I saw that. My guess is that it brings the light beam down to hit the cars, or pedestrians, that are closer to the rig. We all know, at least on this forum, that LEDs are pretty directional. So having the light bars up high, they never really hit any cars. Putting the tilt on them brings it...
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    My background

    Welcome. Nice to see another member from CT.
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    New Q vs old Q

    I know there are also changes in the number of holes (well rectangles)(9 and 14 are coming to mind but that is a vague memory so don’t quote me on that) in the stator also. I would assume that changed the pitch also.
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    Edge 9M Minibar Question

    I looked at presumably the same Whelen install pdf that you did. I can see where your confusion on the power sources could be. But if it is only a 4 strobe bar, you should only have 1 (4) outlet strobe power supply in there. And that power supply would be the 9M4S. That power supply does have...
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    Edge 9M Minibar Question

    So the large red and black wires go to 12 positive and negative respectively. Applying +12v to grey wire activate front strobes Applying +12v to white with blue stripe activates rear strobes. You need to have power and ground to red and black wires PLUS power to any or all activation wires. As...
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    Edge 9M Minibar Question

    What’s the full model number? Or what size mini and what does it have for heads in it? How many strobe heads
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    Amazon links (non warning equipment)

    Adam’s Arsenal Kit
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    What is this type of light ?

    Looks like a Deckblaster to me.
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    New Q vs old Q

    I was wondering the same thing? There is a guy on YouTube who uploads some videos of fixing Q’s and from what I can tell it might have to do with the clutch mechanisms. But that’s just a guess. Hopefully somebody with fact will chime in!

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