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    Pattern Video - nForce LED Traffic Controller

    Anyone have a pattern video of the nForce LED traffic controller? Specifically the 8 module tri-color? Thanks!!
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    Wanted SOS Intersector Fender Bracket - '13-'19 Interceptor Sedan

    I need pricing for the following part number ECPNTKF1B-R Right fender bezel, with hardware and back bracket for the Intersector lights for the '13-'19 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan.
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    2012 Ford F-150 SuperCab - Ideas needed

    I thought about this with the Fusions, but I dont know what bracket to use to mount them to the grille. Thinking about 4 red in the center, maybe red/white on the sides of the grille but I am not sold on the sides of the grille.
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    2012 Ford F-150 SuperCab - Ideas needed

    I looked at YouTube and they didnt post an equipment list. I sent those folks a message about it and they cant remember what was on it.
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    2012 Ford F-150 SuperCab - Ideas needed

    I just bought a 2012 Ford F-150 SuperCab with an 8' bed. Anyone have any pics or equipment lists from upfitting a 12th gen (2009-2014) Ford F150?? Looking for ideas. No exterior lightbars are going to be put on this one. I am thinking of a Feniex 4200DL mounted to the headliner, a StormPro 100...
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    Wanted Feniex "PHASER" legends

    Thanks but I already took care of this matter. I posted on a Facebook group and someone sent me all of his. Thanks again!
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    Wanted Feniex "PHASER" legends

    Anyone have any "PHASER" legends they want to part with for the 4200-DL? Feniex wants $20.00 for a set of legends, most of which I have or wont use. All I need is "PHASER" legends to signify that tone. Thinking of putting it in the big button (3rd down on left) but would like all sizes just in...
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    Triton Speaker Mounting

    Where is a good place to mount a Triton speaker in a 2013 Ford Taurus Limited?? Pics are preferable! I contacted Feniex and they can’t help me. Thanks!!
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    Wanted Code 3 T01540 50Watt halogen Bulb

    So Code 3 lied to me. I need the 55W what’s pictured
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    Wanted Code 3 T01540 50Watt halogen Bulb

    Looking for a Code 3 T01540 50Watt halogen Bulb for my MX7000. Would like a new one please. Thanks!
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    Strobe to LED

    Great! Thanks! Now, just to convince the FD
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    Strobe to LED

    One of the FD's I am on is small, and as such has a small budget. I was looking at our 2 ambulances and they have an old Whelen lighting package and wanted at least to put some LED's. Currently, they have strobes but are nowhere near bright enough. How big a job is it to swap these strobe...

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