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    Posting to guage anyone's interest in a collection in Oklahoma

    Posting to guage anyone's interest in a collection in Oklahoma. Federal 15,s. 17's. 175's 173,174, 184 twinsonic. A couple fireballs, a few fireball 2's Code 3 SD bar, a half dozen mini sd force four bars 4 xl mini bars. Whelen corporal, large 994 speaker light, responders and responder 2...
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    Travel Scrabble

    Order some on door dash TonyP, Then a guy with a wing will make your door bell RING.
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    eBay Listing 5-0 light on the bay

    Not mine. Decent buy it now price
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    Wanted Skirt/base for Dominion Auto 357 round top beacon

    Anyone have a skirt for a Dominion Auto 357 Round top beacon ( like a beacon ray model 17) Any condition, stainless , painted thanks!
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    How many flashes per minute does each rotator in a Twin Sonic produce?

    maybe this guy can help?
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    Dominion Auto 369 restoration

    Nice work! I have one in the project pile. The skirt on mine is grey enamel. What flasher do you plan to install?
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    Wanted Yankee Chief red dome.

    The Chief 7-07 dome is smaller than the 1166 dome. A 7-07 dome is the same size as F7 Fireball dome.
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    Yet another what is this?

    $95. Not sure on the bulb. The lens was dark and i couldn't see a bulb or socket. I think so maybe a little larger. Seemed smaller than a 7” single headlight Bulb I just knew you had about 7 of these in storage, NOS of course...
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    Yet another what is this?

    Spotted in an antique mall. Tag reads “old fire truck light” I didn’t see a brand or model numbers Front and rear glass lens. Anyone know anything about them?
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    Wanted Federal Signal propello ray housing

    Looking for a propello ray housing. New or used Thanks!
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    Wanted Federal Signal Red F1 beacon ray dome

    You might check with DMathieu
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    Found a clear dome for my SVP-1166 teardrop... finally

    Look closely you can see he has a rare early dirt powered non-cob style “free” flashlight!

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