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    Wanted Searching For NOS/Very Good LP6000 Filters

    If you are still looking, I think I have a red filter to attach to the rotating reflector and a half cylinder to go in front or behind the rotator, both in red.
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    Wanted Switch box 6 functions for jetsonic

    If you are still looking for a switch center, I have three. A Code 3, a Federal, and a Gall's brand. See pics below. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Wanted WANTED: Information on the pictured radio unit and/or to buy one like it

    I have a GE remote head speaker that works that would go with that style radio head. Contact me at for pic.
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    Wanted code 3 lp6000 blue dome and lenses

    I have a blue and red dome for your bar. They have clear cutouts for dual alley lights (I also have four clear alley lights for this bar that you can install if you wanted.). Contact me at for pics and to discuss pricing.
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    Whelen Crossbars Updated

    If anyone is looking for one of the Whelen crossbars like the bottom one in two of the pictures, I have one. It does not have any lights on it, and needs some work, but if anyone is looking, get with me.

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