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    Federal Signal Legend Lightbar (Question/Control Box)

    So I just purchased about 6 Federal Signal legend bars and none of them have the external box (the brains). That box is the absolute only way to make the bar function correct? Or is there something different I could do because idk where I would come up with that many boxes.
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    Wanted Feniex “dumb heads” for ILB

    Anyone have any 40 degree feniex light heads for a interior lightbar.? Might need about 4 red and 1 white. I could trade them out with brand new blue ones that I have sitting in a bar.
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    Wanted Federal Signal Argent LED heads (6 diode)

    Unfortunately that style board will not work
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    Wanted Federal Signal Argent LED heads (6 diode)

    I’m not really worried about the numbers as I found one with different numbers but the board matched in looks perfectly and it worked. I have some that the boards looked a little different and they would not work. If you can take a photo of the rear board and prong I would be able to tell if I...
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    Wanted Federal Signal Argent LED heads (6 diode)

    Needing 3 blue or 1 blue & 2 white federal Signal (guessing argent style) LED heads in the 6 diode. I will attach photos of what they look like and what the back board looks like. They came out of a federal signal interior lightbar. Text 662-552-2660 or email at: Need...
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    ION under F-150 tailgate?

    I have a pair of Whelen ION surface mount lights that I was thinking about mounting in the space between my tailgate and bumper on a 2017 Ford F-150. I know I have mounted some slim lights there but didn’t know if anyone had tried these. If they don’t work guess I will try the Strobes-N-More...
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    For Sale Pending sale Whelen lin6 amber led heads

    If they are still available for $20 I will take them..
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    Federal Signal dealer for 72” Navigator bar

    Anyone here a Federal Signal dealer. Will need pricing and help spec’ing a 72 Navigator lightbar for a fire truck. Email: Casey
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    Wanted Crown Victoria interior lightbar (front) in Blue

    Have a friend needing a front interior lightbar for a crown victoria in Blue.
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    Wanted Whelen or Federal 600, 700 or M6’s led heads.

    Thanks for the reply... no quite what I’m looking for however.
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    Wanted Whelen or Federal 600, 700 or M6’s led heads.

    I need a used pair of Whelen or Federal Signal 600 or 700 led lightheads in Amber with amber lens. Also looking for a pair of 600 series or M6’s series in white or red/white. I have a 700 red and 700 red/white I can trade if interested. Text me at (662) 552-2660 for a faster response...
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    Wanted Whelen M6’s or 600’s in White or Res/White

    As the title states... I’m needing a used pair of Whelen M6’s or Whelen 600’s in White or Red/White split. Thanks You can text me at (662) 552-2660
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    Wanted TRADE: pair of Whelen Amber Turn/Marker lights for flashing Amber lights

    I have a pair of Whelen 600 Amber turn/marker lights. I need to trade for a pair of 600 or 700 amber flashing lights. My lights are pretty cool... they have rear angled LEDs with a row facing straight out and a row facing forward. I can’t use them on anymore applications I have coming in the...
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    Is there a dual color TD spoiler bar for Ford Utilites

    I need a dual color spoiler bar for a 2018 Ford Utility... easy enough to find HOWEVER I need it to do traffic director functions also and that’s been hard to find. Drop me some ideas.
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    2018 Ford PI Utility Upfitter guide

    I’m having trouble using the upfitters guide and locating some wires like the siren speaker wire that’s suppose to be ran and grille light wiring because the colors don’t match what my guide shows. Can someone please tell text or call me at (662) 552-2660 and give me some help.. Thanks...

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