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    Positive Transaction with Maddux31

    Maddux had a single talon shield that I was looking for. Shipped it same day with a tracking number. I'd certainly deal with him again!
  2. fordman

    Wanted Single Talon Shroud

    As the title says, I'm looking for the shroud for a single Whelen Talon. Anyone?
  3. fordman

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    That sounds like some of the people at my employer every day of the year...
  4. fordman

    Scanner Issue

    Thank you sir. That will at least give me a place to start. Hopefully it's just the ground
  5. fordman

    Scanner Issue

    Okay, experts. I am stumped: I have had a BCT15X scanner in my Ford Escape for years with no issues. It was mounted in a Havis console, hard-wired, and the antenna was a multi-band scanner antenna mounted on the drivers front fender due to height restrictions in my garage. Recently, I...
  6. fordman

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Now that April has birthed her baby giraffe, I think her money is going to be pretty tight..
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    Positive Purchase from scruffythewild

    Purchased a scanner from scruffythewild. Everything went great; shipping was done in a timely manner, product was well packaged, and I was given a tracking number. I would certainly do business again.
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    Poudre Fire Authority Command Vehicle, 2016 Ford Expedition

    Outstanding! I love the automatic transition between cameras when the tower goes up!
  9. fordman

    Positive Purchase from tsquale

    I purchased a whelen talon. Item was shipped in a timely manner and I was given a tracking number. It was packaged better than some new items I have purchased directly from various websites: bubble wrap, air-filled packing pillows, the whole nine yards. Bottom line: I would not hesitate to do...
  10. fordman

    2016 Chevy Colorado G.E. Aviation Supervisor Vehicle Install

    I like it! However, I would change the front lights so that when the driver's side pb light flashes red, the light on the driver's side lower bumper flashes red as well (and do the same for the passenger side as well of course). Otherwise, I think it's a solid set up.
  11. fordman

    Positive Purchase from EMSBoss4

    I purchased a Whelen Talon from EMSBoss4. Item arrived in the condition described. Shipping was prompt and item was packaged fine. I would definitely recommend him.
  12. fordman

    2015 Dodge Charger (Slicktop) / Pawnee County Sheriff's Office

    I like it, but I would alternate the intersector and the side nForce since those are your only two side lights. I'm also not a fan of the graphics, but everything else looks good to me.

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