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    Wiring two speakers for HHS-3207

    I'm installing a HHS-3207 in a 2021 PIU and I'm going to add two speakers, as it supports this. I'm wondering, do I need to run each speaker all the way back to the controller, or can I daisy-chain the two? I couldn't really find any definitive answers.
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    For Sale Strobes,dash lights, & more

    Payment sent for (2) red ions.
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    For Sale Strobes,dash lights, & more

    I'll take the Ions. PMed
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    For Sale Strobes n' More R/W Dual Color ILB

    Yes you can do a flood with it. I used to have on in R/W as well and the thing was bright and amazing! I only got rid of mine because I switches positions and could only run blue.
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    For Sale ALL SOLD R/W Lights. Code 3, Strobes-n-more, Feniex

    I have the following lights for sale. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Lights were installed in January, removed today. Everything was purchased new, with the exception of the Avenger, which was bought on here. Prices are OBO. If someone wants to do $600 for everything shipped...
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    Looking for suggestions for a Dual Color Mini-Bar

    I just bought a Code 3 Micro Reflex in R/W and I love it. You can have three separate modes. There are two mode wires, and if you have both on, you get a third mode and pattern. I'm working on getting video and posting it.
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    Flashes per Minute Regulations

    They did a bunch of updates in 2016 and 2018 that actually helped a ton. At least on the red light side of things. Not sure if the blues are still as archaic.
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    Flashes per Minute Regulations

    Oops. So my Micro Reflex on the roof with the 375 pattern isn't legal? Interesting. :)

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