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    WTB feniex cannon lenses

    HOLY MONKEY BALLS YES. I want 'em! How much! Also, do you have a need or use for v3 lenses?
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    WTB feniex cannon lenses

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    WTB feniex cannon lenses

    Cool thanks! I'm also not opposed to selling these off to fund getting 1 set of V3, but I already have these. Might as well use 'em.
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    WTB feniex cannon lenses

    I bought a pair of V3 360 degree lenses for some cannons I have.. only to realize I have what may be a pair of v1 and a pair of v2. I need lenses for both. Preferably 360. I need some help figuring out what I need though. One pair has 2 screw holes only (plus inner screw), and one pair has 2...
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    For Sale Whelen Liberty Wecans lot

    Holy *$&# I did not get here fast enough.....
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    For Sale $40 AWL Burst 2-Bulb Hide Away Kits

    Tom, do these have stop turn tail or whatever it is called?
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    For Sale New Feniex Fusion 400 with Star Dash Light

    Oof. I'll let you know! But if this pack sells in the meantime, all good.
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    For Sale New Feniex Fusion 400 with Star Dash Light

    I just want the ULB9S. The feniex stick would just be icing on the win cake.
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    For Sale New Feniex Fusion 400 with Star Dash Light

    HRRRRNNGGG want. Someone buy this from him so I don't spend the $$$!
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    Wanted TIR deck lighting

    Thanks codycat, looking for red or red/white :)
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    Star SVP ULB9E

    I ended up swapping one for red/white, and putting one red/red in the back. Still move traffic very well, given the tiny size. :)
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    For Sale (SOLD) Speed Turtle Easy Flash 2.0 Module

    Jumping it for 2nd place if it falls through :)
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    Wanted TIR deck lighting

    No worries! Anyone else got anything? :)
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    Wanted TIR deck lighting

    That would be cool :)
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    Wanted TIR deck lighting

    I might be able to make that work. Guess it depends on how many heads and if I can cleanly wire them together.

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