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    For Sale Frooom's multi-item thread

    That's correct, just wanted to give an example of their output. Unfortunately these units are not able to have colors controlled independently. The mounting hardware that they come with offer 3 ways to mount these: with ratcheting 3M end pieces that can accomodate 90 degrees, with a bale bracket...
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    For Sale Frooom's multi-item thread

    Alrighty, time to clean out stuff that's lying around. 2x pairs of feniex cannons, one red white, one red. I do not know what versions these are. I can say that I have 2 spare sets of plastic covers/lenses, and one pair had the center screw break the plastic from overtightening, but it's 100%...
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    Opinions on a Good solid dash light

    LOL if I want a halogen rotator I also want the callsign 3 william 56. :D I actually tried to snag a pair of feniex off of amazon, and the seller cancelled my order "unable to ship to address". NO idea why. And this is unusual for me, I almost never buy new. The price tag for what's in lights...
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    Opinions on a Good solid dash light

    Ewww red amber? Red white is where it's at :P haha the feniex quad are WAY too expensive for me! I am gonna just buy a 40/40 red white and a 180/180 red white 2x, and then set 'em up 180 40 40 180 and call it a day. Dunno if any vendors here can go better than 140/per, but at least with...
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    For Sale WHELEN STUFF - LINZ6 - VERTEX - IONs - Microns - Ford/Whelen HAW

    Hey hey, the dash lights - what are they? Any way to swap the blue heads?
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    Opinions on a Good solid dash light

    Yes but not every retailer will just let me return at no cost if I decide I don't like them. hehehe. (oh and I have prime, so free shipping)
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    Opinions on a Good solid dash light

    Can I pay an extra fee for an emoji that makes fun of captain obvious over here? :D Ok, resounding support of the 40' optics versus 180' eh? Anyone have a feniex alternative they recommend?
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    Opinions on a Good solid dash light

    Hey all, Well, I tried 4x ULB9E in my truck - too much wiring, and not quite enough space to align them properly. I don't want to do an interior lightbar (price, fitment, etc), so I'm looking to maximize my light foorprint with dash lights. I was looking for either Whelen dual avenger II duos...
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    Wanted Two(2) R/W Feniex Cannons ***V2****

    Hey I might have this. Do you mean a pair, or 2 pairs?
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    Wanted Avenger duo solo in R or R/W

    buuuuuump anyone selling these? Would consider new if I could get at least a bit of a deal.
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    For Sale Whelen 23" Century - R/W

    MODS please lock! Sold to jb81! :)
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    For Sale Police/Security/Tow Truck/Construction Lights and Equipment

    What color are the vipers? I assume red/blue, but I can hope for red/red or red/white!
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    For Sale Whelen 23" Century - R/W

    Preferably something that will fit in my titan. Anything with a windshield shroud, and so on.

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