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    Wanted Whelen Ions

    Late reply but definitely interested in the amber. Pm incoming
  2. FusionWolf

    Whelen Vertex Duo

    I've never been able to find em even on the old site. They're very elusive
  3. FusionWolf

    Whelen Vertex Duo

    Oh dang I didn't even notice that. Are these discontinued products or what? I've never been able to find these available
  4. FusionWolf

    Whelen Vertex Duo

    I've, heard rumors of these on the EU Market for a while however yesterday I was able to come across whelens installation guide posted 8/20. No info up on whelens site yet however the guide does show 2 different trigger wires for each color. Anyone have any news on these? Whelen Duo Vertex...
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    Wanted Whelen Ions

    i did pick up some red. sadly cant have blue on the vehicle. police are really strict on that even if they arent hooked up :(
  6. FusionWolf

    Wanted Whelen Ions

    2 red ions found. Still seeking the rest
  7. FusionWolf

    Wanted Whelen Ions

    Looking for 3 universal mount whelen ions 2 red or duo red/white 1 amber Also looking for 8 ion grommets Thank you
  8. FusionWolf

    Molex connectors on Sapphire This might help you out. I believe its a kit of connectors but I also see part numbers on it as well that may correspond to the molex part number if you only need certain ones.
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    My personal off duty traffic control Crown Vic

    I mean I can't really complain about this set up. Its pretty decent. Good separation of colors. The back i would like to see the reverse lights sync with colors but ya said no. Otherwise that's literally the only thing I'd do differently. Solid build for sure
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    Cantrol Spazzing Out

    So like they say go to the simplest solution first. It turned out not to be an issue with Cantrol at all. Apparently there was enough corrosion on the battery positive terminal that it caused the main power line to the cantrol to only be receiving 8.2 volts. Cleaned up the corrosion and the unit...
  11. FusionWolf

    Cantrol Spazzing Out

    I'm going to give it a try today with reflashing the programing. I don't think it bad programming as its the same programming thats been on it for the last 7 months without issue. I'm hoping the programming maybe just got corrupted
  12. FusionWolf

    Cantrol Spazzing Out

    So I have a gen 2 cantrol. Its worked pretty well for the last 7 months or so I've had it installed, however now its developed a glitch. I'll preface this by saying it wasn't touched, it was reprogrammed, its had the same programming on it for the last 5 months. I have an input tied into the...
  13. FusionWolf

    For Sale New lights

    The 6 led dummy hideaways- how do these work do they just run on an external flasher?
  14. FusionWolf

    Guess that light

    Thats a Brookings (Axixtech) ES6
  15. FusionWolf

    Siren speaker ignition cut off

    This is a great idea! Thank you.

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