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    A Cautionary Tale: Goo Gone and Feniex Lenses

    this is good to know. I may have to give this a try next time I do feneix lenses because goo gone is no longer an option. Never had any issue with goo gone and other manufacturers
  2. FusionWolf

    A Cautionary Tale: Goo Gone and Feniex Lenses

    Things I learned today. Goo Gone will literally start to dissolve your Feniex lenses. Now I cant speak to all of Feniex's products just the cobra T6s I was using them on. I had some spray tint on the modules of my custom made interior bar and I wanted to remove it as the new tinted windshield I...
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    In general someone who has more lights than the firetruck, someone who's light setup costs more then the car it's on, or esp someone who has no need for lights but will find the loophole in the law that allows them to have them. For me this also goes into the people who buy used cvpis and NGPIs...
  4. FusionWolf

    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Oh man we've found our way into the zombie response vehicle area now... but ya know..... i cant be all that mad about that mini cooper.
  5. FusionWolf

    Upfitters in my area?

    Hey Froom- I'm southern MA by the RI Line but travel all over. Always down to lend a hand if needed
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Oh My GOD! I went to high school with this clownshoe. He has NEVER been a firefighter and his "Security" was driving around a farm where we as teens use to have bone fires by a lake. If I'm not mistaken he got cited for trespassing and driving around the property with his lights on years after...
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    Sapphire inoperable

    check your programming. do you have a lightbar programmed into the system? This has happened to me multiple times with my Cantrol when the expansion module i have isn't communicating properly. when they don't communicate properly my control head is inop.
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    Wanted feniex cannon v2

    looking for 2 feniex cannons 2 mode (i believe these are the ones that work fine with external flashers) but looking for 2 in amber white.
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    FEVER Inc. Eclipse light stick / rocker panel stick

    definitely looking to pick a pair of these up soon. what happened to the the ones that were interleaved with white?
  10. FusionWolf

    Whelen Under-the-Side View Mirror Mount for LINSV2

    not to hijack this thread but what mount are you using in this picture? are these just the regular mounts bend to sit level?
  11. FusionWolf

    2019 F150 Carbide Programming Issue

    This is very possible. I will definitely have to try to swap the input
  12. FusionWolf

    2019 F150 Carbide Programming Issue

    I have unfortunately not been able to get anything just yet. Tomorrow I'm going to be working on it a little bit. I did try what you posted above and it actually creates a delay in all the inputs. I'm not sure if it's a processing delay or conflicting commands right now. I'm not using the...
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    2019 F150 Carbide Programming Issue

    i gotchya. ill have to give that a try

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