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    Whelen inner edge LP shroud questions

    This is the only info I managed to find but jts essentially just a plastic way mirror integrated into the shroud
  2. FusionWolf

    Mega Thin Buzzing

    Nothing is burnt out on them. And its happening on both. Woukd be bad luck to have two brand new ones come with burnt out diodes. I'm going to try and get a vid of them doing the buzzing when I can next
  3. FusionWolf

    Mega Thin Buzzing

    I have 2 megathins mounted under my tailgate of an f150. The lights are controlled by a carbide and are dual color amber/white. When the lights are flashing amber you can hear a bit of an electronic buzzing with each flash. They are not too loud but noticeable. When the lights are steady burned...
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    2015 Chevy 2500HD Install

    The front looks pretty good. On a personal opinion I do agree that the vipers and lights above the taillights are a bit redundant. If you're not reusing equipment id allocate those funds for some side warning, something along your running boards to make youre your visible 360 along with your 200...
  5. FusionWolf

    20g./6 conductor cable??

    If I need multi conductor I normally go to and use their tray cables. Can select the number of conductors and the Guage you need and the length
  6. FusionWolf

    For Sale MICROMAN MicroStar XP bars

    If you'll do 50 shipped ill take em
  7. FusionWolf

    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    Hey Wilson I'm looking at picking up some M4DWs are the m4s something you're able to convert?
  8. FusionWolf

    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    Oh man I love the color matched ions and mirror beam housings. That looks super sharp. Would love to see the Cresent bezels color matched as well, I bet they'd disappear into the spoiler. Looking great and can't wait to see more
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    What version of inner edge is this?

    It isn't an xlp. Its the model prior
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    Whelen WeCan repurpose?

    A Whelen smart logic flasher might suit your needs. This probably isn't kosher to the community but I use to have my whole car run off a Whelen liberty IO board installed in a project box. Gave me the wecan functionality I wanted and it plugged right into my cencom but you could also plug it...
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    Wanted Whelen Ions

    Late reply but definitely interested in the amber. Pm incoming
  12. FusionWolf

    Whelen Vertex Duo

    I've never been able to find em even on the old site. They're very elusive
  13. FusionWolf

    Whelen Vertex Duo

    Oh dang I didn't even notice that. Are these discontinued products or what? I've never been able to find these available
  14. FusionWolf

    Whelen Vertex Duo

    I've, heard rumors of these on the EU Market for a while however yesterday I was able to come across whelens installation guide posted 8/20. No info up on whelens site yet however the guide does show 2 different trigger wires for each color. Anyone have any news on these? Whelen Duo Vertex...
  15. FusionWolf

    Wanted Whelen Ions

    i did pick up some red. sadly cant have blue on the vehicle. police are really strict on that even if they arent hooked up :(

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